Silas Von Dookiebird
7:42 PM

Something similarly random once happened to me. I had just gotten out of the shower, slipped, and landed on a hot wheels car. At least that’s what I told the doctors in the ER.

9:51 AM

The youths say “free real estate”? I’m not sure what that means. As an old who likes using what the youths say just slightly wrong, I must research this further.

10:04 AM

It would be unbecoming to point out specifically how accurate the others were, however, so I will decline to do so. I definitely got a lot of things right, though, but you won’t hear it from me. Did you notice how many things I got right? I didn’t. I also won’t mention how many emails I got saying, “Wow, you got Read more

11:42 AM

5th Gear: My city just installed a couple speed humps on the street right by my office. I can’t imagine they were trying to slow people down for pedestrian safety because everyone already slowed down so they don’t destroy a wheel or suspension bit by smashing into the utility access hole things that are about 10" Read more

10:12 AM

At least 40 years of Republicans’ war on education, war on logic, war on critical thinking. And decades of fomenting fear against “the other” (read, Republican racism) in a deliberately uneducated population (read, the south). And the completely idiotic electoral college.

9:41 AM

CP because it’s more than just the $7k for the car. You have to figure in the cost of the gold chains you’d need to get and wear, the time and expense needed for mustache care, and the difficulty of keeping your wife beater T’s clean while eating fast food in the car. Way too much collateral expense and time. CP all Read more