11:29 AM

Bear spray, then a gun, then making yourself big, then playing dead, then throwing yourself in a river with the hopes of getting away before you freeze or drown.
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7:27 PM

Yeah, and I say this as someone who regularly climbs mountains in the late afternoon/early evening, but even in central Alaska (this is not Barrow, after all) in summer, fording a river after midnight is not ideal. 

3:49 PM

I have seen this river. I have camped up and down this river. I have been chased by grizzly bears near this river. I have never tried to cross this river. Read more

1:16 PM

I think a lot of people interpret the story in a manner that reaches the opposite conclusion. 15+ years on since I read Into the Wild, I find the moral of the story ambiguous. It certainly evokes sadness, though. 

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1:05 PM

Michael Kors used to sell this leg shimmer thing that was genius - came in a deodorant stick format, and you used it to shine up your legs with an extremely subtle tint and sparkle. It was discontinued YEARS ago, but I’ve been hording the last few sticks I have because it’s amazing in the summer and when I’m too Read more

11:18 AM

I loved Al Franken. I thought he was a dynamite Senator. And I believe a double standard was applied to him with regards to how charges like this are considered against Democrats like Franken and Republicans like, oh, I don’t know, our sitting President. I was sorry to see him go. I don’t think he’s a bad person, and Read more

11:17 AM

Welcome to my haterade party. Who listened to Jill Stein and thought “We need this in the Democratic primary, but with no plans, even less qualifications, and more tinfoil”?

10:13 AM

Just because Michelle has money and designers doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved in choosing what she wore or who made those pieces, which is where her influence comes in and her taste shows. Melania, I’m sure, has designers and tailors and is still dressed like an embarrassment

9:07 AM

Why are we (CNN) giving these women a forum? And not disclosing how close they already are to Trump’s campaign introduces more bias. This isn’t a cross section of plain old white women. These women may not be representative of what the white women who voted for him are now thinking about his recent tweets. THOSE are Read more

11:52 AM

The things I wish I could tell my younger self then are the things I tell my adult self now.

11:29 AM

Fellow fat girl here commiserating with you. I had male bullies and my weight was ALWAYS their target. Read more

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I was very unpopular in middle school and high school. I still have a lot of rage about the bullying, I just broke a pen cap thinking about it. I remember this one time in math class two boys sitting behind me decided to have a conversation to humiliate me, just loud enough so that I could hear. Hur hur, Pink Ears is Read more