2:24 PM

Can’t wait to hear more from Jezebel staff how Bernie Sanders, known MLK marcher 60 years ago and known deadbeat dad, is better for TRUE FEMINISM than all the women running for president.

3:51 PM

Thank you for mentioning/covering the show, and it is just a typo/honest mistake, but it is Rosanne Cash, not Roseanne Cash.

10:35 AM

I like and respect Roseanne Cash and am a fan of plenty of country music but saying stuff like, “. . . pop music tends to be—not always—but tends to be a lot about hookups and breakups, right? The subject matter of country music is so much broader” is pretty dopey, not just because the subject matter of pop is, and Read more

3:08 PM

I’m not sorry, I’ll say it. If you feel you want/need to raise a child then you can raise any of the hundreds of thousands of children in the US foster system or any of the other millions of parent-less children around the world. You don’t need to rent out some woman like an incubator just so you can get a little copy Read more

9:40 AM

So... The final “subverting expectations” is going to be Jon killing Dany? Seriously, I mean I get that the character has been poorly serviced when compared to the novels but damn that’s a shitty ending for both of the ostensible leads— forget Dany for a second just look at Jon- you turn of thr first woman you love Read more

3:16 PM

I had to Google the “Center for American Progress” when the Sanders letter came out. I now know that they’re considered a very influential think tank (and did recognize ThinkProgress from my junkmail folder). I’d personally love a clearer explanation of how think tanks are operating in the new media landscape of 2019.

10:50 AM

I do genuinely wonder if Ivanka and Jared will be able to rejoin New York polite society after this is all over. Read more

3:41 PM

Yeah, I kept reading, waiting to get to the part where they handled this inappropriately, and that never happened. As far as I can tell, her office handled it well. I guess the woman wasn’t happy that he wasn’t immediately fired, and it wasn’t enough for her that he was warned, lost a promotion and had his desk moved. Read more

1:09 PM

Are you joking? Jezebel has been shoving Bernie down our throats from 2015 onwards. Abo0ut the time he said he was looking for his taxes. I guess he’s still looking? 

9:21 AM

Some male religious Kentucky yokels in MAGA hats went to DC to stir up some trouble. They were there for an anti-choice rally, because they believe women should be ruled over by men. While there, some black men noticed they were wearing white supremacy hats, and called them out for it. The teens were mute at first, Read more

7:32 AM

You know the more I think about those kids the more I become enraged at them.  They’re old enough to be responsible for their actions. But they are just students: therefore their parents, teachers and school also hold equal responsibility for those actions.

10:41 PM

Racist entitled bullshit is still racist entitled bullshit if you do it in response to being harassed. 

1:46 PM

I was actually thinking about this seeing all the #10yearchallenge pics floating around instagram.  These celebrities remove the humanity from their faces.  Sure, they all look “younger” 10 years later...but they have also lost every bump, ridge, line, hair, or crease that made them look like a real person.  They Read more

12:23 PM

Some days I don’t like to wear pants. And some days, I don’t have time to shave my legs. Enter the maxi dress. (Avg height and busty.)