Jan 7 2018

Eric Garland is a nice man who received a great deal of unexpected attention due to a viral tweetstorm, and is now having some kind of severe decompensatory episode (disclaimer: not a shrink) on Twitter. Gizmodo is cruelly mocking him for it. Read more

Nov 28 2017

Heh, and that’s true. I’d like a little more story in my serialized television, please. Her sexual frustration was shown in myriad other ways as well. These scenes felt like filler. In a half-hour show!

Nov 22 2017

You’re not wrong. I regret to report, having seen this yesterday, the lead character really is written as being just that stupid and uninformed. She also masturbates, in far greater detail than I need to see, approximately 7,349 times during the episode. Read more

Oct 13 2017

That was too much for me too. It’s the kind of thing that occasionally does happen when people are tripping and/or very very drunk, but I don’t want that much realism in a normally lightweight comedy. The sounds of the poor thing wailing in agony, stuck between the doors, still haunt me. Even seeing the ridiculous Read more

Sep 9 2017

I’ve been craving sweets like mad lately (it’s weird, usually I’m much more of a salt fiend), and I want to reach through the screen for this. NOM

Sep 8 2017

Well you’re my favorite creep, even if the van isn’t a Toyota, and I’ll be thinking of you and your lovely dog and hoping for the best! Clog up my Twitter feed anytime.