Donald Pump
Dec 7 2016

Music wise hip hop has had a nice run this decade. We have had truly great albums from Kanye West (MBDTF), Kendrick Lamar (TPAB and Good Kid Madd City), Drake (Take Care) and Run the Jewels (RTJ2) just to name a few off the top of my head. On the R&B side both Frank Ocean and Beyonce have really brought it as well. Read more

Nov 3 2016

you are this upset about a team of people you don’t know losing a game? Imagine how you might feel if your people were virtually exterminated over a span of hundreds of years, thrown onto reservations, and forced to watch what was left of your people and culture become a caricature for a baseball team.... Read more

Oct 26 2016

If the design has a functional purpose then I agree it is great, but if it is just for the sake of design, seems like a bad idea.... While the glass looked pretty, the shattered glass look that so many of them sported after some use, was not so nice.

Sep 2 2016

I assume most people bought Ark with the expectation that the developer would be working towards finishing it.

Sep 2 2016

Because it’s an early access game you bought with the expectation it would be imperfect and incomplete? You bought a fun game on the cheap. Simmer down now.