Donald Pump
Jan 2 2017

Mario and Luigi: Inside Bowsers Story is a great example of putting both screens to use.

Nov 17 2016

It’s not just about building more housing. I live in Chicago, there are apartments going up everywhere. But they are *all* luxury buildings. No one builds middle-class apartments anymore, at least not around here. I pay $1,400 a month for a 1 bedroom in a highrise built in the 60s. Directly across the street they are Read more

Nov 10 2016

Don’t call the racists racist because it might hurt there feelings? Aren’t you the tough guys? We are liberal pussies right?

Nov 3 2016

It’s literally a game that grown men get paid to play. Grow up.

Oct 26 2016

It was a pretty phone for sure. But it was heavy and fragile. That thing would shatter if you dropped it on a pillow.

Oct 20 2016

An out of date game that is getting a graphical overhaul and that has sold 23million copies and tons of people still play to this day? A title that *no one* expected on a Nintendo console. Read more

Oct 18 2016

Its not a bad question to be asking at all. The divide between the north and south (whether thats actual geography or just a “southern” mindset) is only growing. It obviously won’t happen, but I’ve been long of the though that America is at the very least two different countries. We speak the same language it largely Read more

Oct 12 2016

Oh christ I hadn’t even thought of that. Trump News Network? Get me out of here.

Oct 10 2016

No, she shouldn’t have. Thats the one thing he’s actually good at, maybe even better than her. He’s got one-liners and he’s good at going back and forth. Getting into those exchanges would just escalate his rhetoric about Bill and draw cheers from his supporters in the audience. Hillary has nothing to gain by stooping Read more

Oct 9 2016

The notion that all corporations are *solely* profit-seeking and that it’s acceptable is off base. It’s entirely possible for a company to be profit driven and still keep the best interest of it’s fans at heart. Look at CDPR, a company that also has a similar platform to Steam. There are any number of game developers Read more

Sep 30 2016

“This is aimed at people who believe the only two video games being made anymore are Call of Duty and Madden” Read more

Sep 18 2016

The difference in milliseconds on a controller in Destiny is nothing like CS:GO or other PC shooters. And I’m sure you do just fine. But in terms of professional level FPS play, and even MOBAs, age is very much a factor.

Sep 18 2016

I’m 31, I’ve been playing Counterstrike since beta. I am way worse now than when I was 18, despite the fact I have more and more experience. I am noticeably slower, my reaction times there aren’t what they use to be. It’s a real thing.

Sep 8 2016

The irony here is that those white earbuds and their cord going down into someones pocket were fucking iconic in the early 2000s. It was a fashion statement in and of itself. Remember the commercials with the silhouettes flailing about with their headphones in?

Sep 7 2016

You can list a million ways to deal with it. But it doesn't change the fact that it was a decision made strictly to sell more accessories. It's anti consumer end of story.

Aug 31 2016

Here’s a question. How is modern animation even...done? I’d imagine it’s done on computers right? But is it really done frame by frame still? I assumed all of this was done with pre-rendered models that could be animated much quicker etc. Read more