Truly one  of my favorite albums  of all time. Read more

Now that’s a Dark Universe I’d watch Read more

Actually, that is the ultimate plan Read more

Excited to support my boy Mike “Spoonman/Mr Slice” Mitchell Read more

You might be on to something.... Read more

No mention of Mike “spoonman” Mitchell?  He’s gonna carry this movie and win the Tomorrow war! Read more

What’s really confusing to me is there are several comedic actors in this and you don’t see them at all or barely in this trailer.  Surely there is a heavy tone to this but they seem to be burying it. Read more

Hot take - if you want to see less toxic men on screen, ones with complex friendships and emotions, try to not sexualize it every time it happens. Read more

He did it whenever he could I suspect. And no doubt a sith would use mind tricks to get sex. Read more

Go back and listen to the first scene again. Mar’s death sounds like Luke Skywalker’s scream at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Read more

So lack of Anakin in the trailer means no Anakin in the film?  that seems to be a hasty conclusion Read more

the one where they meet a Golem and fight Nazi Wizards
Read more

So this is basically how special features play when you get a movie streaming from amazon.  This isn’t really anything weird at all other than blurays normally would have a menu. Read more

I feel like the same people worried this movie will incite violence are the same ones worried that video games incite violence.... Read more

Holy shit Stephanie Beatriz as She-Hulk is maybe the most perfect casting I can imagine!  Read more

I feel like Whoopi isn’t old enough to be Mother Abagail. Read more

driving I70 between st louis and KC is an interesting mix of billboards against abortion and homosexuals and promoting porn shops. Read more

The raiders can hit him with the 5 day notice to show up and participate and if he doesn’t, he gets paid nothing.  So yeah, this is a gamble on his part. Read more

I love me some darkhawk but man, i just can’t see them using him.  Read more