12/02/19 11:05AM

Exactly.  Unhappy, maybe, but compared to most other capes’ childhoods, he got off easy.

12/02/19 11:04AM

He off-handedly mentions that his father died assuming he got vaporized in the lab experiment. “I never bother to correct their mistake” Read more

10/23/19 9:39AM

I wouldn’t have put that together without your comment, so thanks. 

10/18/19 2:11AM

I saw Disco Elysium (PC, just released) get a couple of really good reviews, and I took a flyer on it. An isometric RPG, with classic a very classic D&D-style story with chance rolls. I’m only a few hours deep into the game, but the story (a murder mystery), is really interesting and the depth of world building and Read more

9/27/19 9:44AM

I fired up Dying Light recently and then immediately turned it off. It’s the only open-world game I’ve finished in about eight years, but the prospect of going back to it is just too much. The mechanics are a lot of fun until you hit the wall (I had the same experience when I tried revisiting Skyrim last year). Read more

9/27/19 9:43AM

I enjoyed dying light for a while but it just took too long to get to the good stuff. The tutorial/opening area is like 5 hours and I just wanted to get a gun or a good weapon and go to town.

9/08/19 2:32PM

“ I fully expect there to be versions of “game” releases soon that have no actual game content but are instead glorified, skin-locked cam viewing platforms specifically geared for that one game and it’s paid streamers.” Read more

9/08/19 2:23PM

I hope playing it this way results in Norman Reedus wearing a chicken hat in every cutscene.

9/06/19 1:39PM

I dunno.  Never played The Surge.  I was envisioning more of a Smash TV meets Bloodborne scenario.  Except instead of You Died, it’s We’ll Be Right Back.  

9/06/19 10:04AM

I tried my best to get into this game but as soon as it hit the point where I had to join a multiplayer server and I didn’t know what anything was or what to do, it was over for me.  I don’t want to talk to PS4 randos and my only friend that played it had already given up on it.

9/06/19 9:18AM

The breeze feels good!

HOW ‘BOUT THE WHEELS????? Read more

9/04/19 2:30PM

While I enjoyed the movie, I never understood the decision to leave out Ace Merrill. They could’ve even brought Keifer back to play him again.

9/04/19 12:47PM

“I’ll live to see you eat that contract but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddamn SPINE” might rise above the rest because it is, aptly, a hilariously and unnecessarily long run-on sentence.

9/04/19 9:13AM


Storm of the Century is a better mini-series than IT and only doesn’t make the cut here because it’s not an adaptation.