Doctor Professor
Yesterday 9:14PM

Honestly though up until that point in his acting career he hadn’t really been very successful. He had The Scorpion King and a bunch of small parts in ok movies and some leads in things that didn’t do very well or outright flopped.

Yesterday 9:03PM

When I read this headline my first thought was that we had already done this.

Yesterday 4:44PM

This is so very confusing. Why wouldn’t Lidl just ship some of the products they sell in their American stores to their German stores for America Week?

Monday 9:16PM

The most insane thing to me about this story is that Dodge didn’t do a damn thing to a dealer for taking delivery of 18 extremely rare cars and then not offering them for sale at all for three years.

Monday 6:21PM

This season has been weird and there were some parts of this episode that didn’t work but I deeply enjoyed it.

6/17/21 1:37AM

To be clear, the psychotic murderer SAYS he was sleeping in his truck when he caught someone trying to steal his catalytic convertor, shot the person multiple times, then tied him to his tow hitch and dragged him to a field to die. There is no evidence presented of attempted catalytic convertor theft even actually Read more

6/16/21 9:31PM

Oh you go bupkis? Over here we call those zilch. It’s a regional thing because of which bakery they come from.

6/16/21 5:47PM

I really hope that for season two they came up with more than one episode’s worth of plot that they then stretch out across the entire season.

6/16/21 5:05PM

Seems that wasn’t in the press release this was directly copy and pasted from.

6/16/21 1:22PM

Is Jesse Martin’s back issue not better at all? The overwhelming majority of Joe’s appearances on the show are still seated.

6/16/21 1:21PM

Her ballet dancing around the lasers was nifty, but the whole time I kept thinking she really should have secured her hair.

6/15/21 8:28PM

I’m fairly certain that photo is of the Jurassic Quest Drive Thru touring show, which I was made aware has a full theme song. And you should listen to it. It is amazing. I know this is the internet and this is going to be a random two and a half minute video that some idiot tells you to play, but I seriously implore

6/14/21 8:55PM

Seems like what they could instead of have their present staff go humiliate themselves is pay more, offer better hours, give a benefits package, and stand up for their employees in the face of rude customers. Read more

6/14/21 8:48PM

The show was way more than a bit of a mess and it was more than just tonally, but also I enjoyed the hell out of it and will absolutely be watching season 2.

6/14/21 1:36AM

Might want to roll that feature coverage out fast. The Republic of Sarah sounds like it might not make it a few weeks.

6/13/21 11:38PM

And they all think they have to back in to every parking space, but can’t park straight whatsoever, and if there’s a sidewalk behind by what they’re backing into, they’ll make sure the entire truck bed is hanging over and blocking it.

6/11/21 11:06PM

The headline of the article you clicked on contains the words “Fake truck stop” so maybe that could tell you something?