Doctor Professor
Wednesday 9:36PM

That's to be expected, considering her very public "maybe women wouldn't get raped if they stopped dressing like whores" viewpoint. 

Wednesday 9:13PM

No shit! I find it way, way easier to cover anything that’s going into the science oven than it is to wipe the damn thing down after every use.

Wednesday 4:19PM

I put a plastic top from a quart container loosely on top of whatever container I’m melting the butter in. The butter still explodes but it doesn’t knock the top off so everything stays contained and my microwave stays clean. 

Wednesday 3:11PM

Does no one else just put a bit of paper towel over the top of the butter-melting vessel? 

Wednesday 2:54PM

Mayim Bialik is selling her own snake oil now, and using her scientific credentials to do it. She can fuck off to the moon as Dr. Oz.

Wednesday 12:37PM

I think I would’ve really enjoyed that trailer if they cut the something-something-humanity’s-purpose super-generic monologue. Like, just show me those scenes slowly building to the final reveal, and don’t hit me over the head with Sweeping Orchestral Space Movie Music

Wednesday 12:35PM

Rogan is very popular with men who resent that the world has changed and they might have to change with it.” Read more

Wednesday 11:41AM

Being an Academic =/= Being an Intellectual

Wednesday 11:28AM

What’s a hob? Most people don’t get taught even basic cooking in school. (I was taught to bake cookies and not eat fat.  Not super helpful).  What if people don’t have someone to teach them? Is that their fault? 

Wednesday 10:58AM

Maybe, just maybe, I might want to melt butter in a Pyrex measuring cup for, say, popcorn (which I’m making in an air popper, but that’s a different debate) because it’s easier to pour from. And also - for the sake of argument - I don’t want to dirty a measuring cup *and* and pan. And... melting butter in the Read more

Wednesday 10:11AM

Look, don’t take this the wrong way but, softening butter in a microwave takes between 8 and 18 seconds. What kind of distracted, multi-tasking monster have you become to not to pay attention for 8 seconds? What else could you possibly be accomplishing?  Read more

Wednesday 9:06AM

Unfortunately Mayim Bialik is using her PHD in Neuro science to promote and do commercials for some junky supplement that claims to improve “neuro cognitive function”. So in that way, she and Dr. Oz are more alike than we thought.

Wednesday 8:41AM

Joe Rogan is the patron saint of every stupid, uninformed, angry white guy who got dissed by pretty girls his whole life. If you’re looking for a good podcast and a good interviewer then try out Marc Maron who is vastly superior

Wednesday 8:34AM

I’ve been wondering this for years. The best I can come up with is that they’re at least as dumb as he is. Read more

Wednesday 8:29AM

Bialik has no place hosting. She’s anti-vax and anti-science, and using her doctorate to push snake oil. Also rather wooden and giggly.

Wednesday 8:27AM

Bialik’s anti-vax stance didn’t go away. She’s stated that she and her children will ONLY be vaccinated for Covid-19. She’s an anti-science monster. And she’s anti-vax because she shared a physician with... Jenny McCarthy. She had no place hosting the show.