10/30/19 6:22PM

Those are three very good dogs. And you are a very good boy.

9/23/19 9:50AM

Fun Fact:  the Niners’ 5 turnovers was 1 fewer than the 6 they had in a game some remember from their past.  Took place on Jan 10, ‘82.

9/16/19 7:09PM

Not sure how I’m doing generally but fuck if I have not aged exponentially since then. A lot of bad shit has gone down since 2016. I don’t even want to think about it but it is on the news all the time.

9/10/19 6:55PM

The dog sleds outside the natatorium are always a sight to see

9/06/19 10:18AM

But think of all the kids who would not have been treated.  That would be the real tragedy.

9/06/19 9:55AM

I’d like to believe you are right but unless you have hung out with the guy, your belief is wishful thinking at best. Maybe until this point, his public personal is consistent with that wishful thinking but as a non-Christian, I do view people like Brees with suspicion and making a video for FOTF is consistent with Read more

9/06/19 9:46AM

I’m coming for the cocks.  All the cocks.

9/05/19 12:27PM

The only good news in that report is that (i) he’s not dead and (ii) he’s getting discharged this week. Sadly, my family has had some experience with traumatic spinal injuries and if he’s expecting to be discharged this week, instead of in weeks, that strikes me as an incredibly good sign. (when my family member Read more

9/03/19 1:31PM

Pence and Barr are in a tense competition for “best teammate, trump administration division.”  Early leaders included Hope Hicks and Sarah Huckabee Sanders but then Barr stepped out to the tune of $30K and now reports are that Pence and Fam are near $250K in payments to trump properties (not including the Read more

8/30/19 12:05PM

Except that “hole so big you can drive a truck through”, assumes an NFL player’s speed.  Watching a college game or pro game from the sideline makes you realize that that hole would close up so quickly your head might pop off like a cork.

8/28/19 4:03PM

Just respond as any red-blooded American father must . . . “already planning to hold him out of kindergarten until he’s 7. By the time he starts college, he’ll be ready”

8/27/19 3:30PM

Bring breath mints and antacid.  We know this guy’s diet.

8/23/19 10:22AM

My Recollection:  The Fridge phenomenon, with him carrying the ball, was b/c Ditka was humiliated by Bill Walsh using Guy McIntyre (pretty sure it was) as a blocking back v Bears. Ditka was going to show him the next time! And the result was Walter Payton not being allowed to carry the ball at the goal line in the SB Read more

8/23/19 10:18AM

He may be large but he’s no dumb cookie.

8/23/19 10:17AM

I bet you think that “serving size” should be increased on the side of bags of potato chips, too. I’m with you, brother.

8/22/19 4:17PM

well, Snapchat is listed, so they are including obvious ones.  Unless there are features to the listed dating apps that set them apart from Tinder, it seems oddly incomplete (at best)

8/12/19 12:58PM

Ha ha.  You may be right about that.

8/12/19 10:29AM

Thankfully it was not his little league glove.