9/06/19 10:08AM

But the exit of 40-man rosters comes with a drawback. It’ll mean that many fewer chances for minor leaguers to get called up and make their MLB debuts, which are reliably heartwarming moments that make the September slog more bearable for fans whose teams are well out of the race.“ Read more

9/06/19 10:01AM

That there are still firsts like this happening after 144 years and nearly 15 million at bats...just astonishing. Read more

9/05/19 7:00PM

Good faith question from a person who doesn’t follow football closely and doesn’t know shit about Drew Brees: Why do you believe Brees, a hardcore Christian, would be repulsed by conversion therapy?

9/04/19 12:53PM

I consider myself lucky that I got to listen to Car Talk in what I consider its heyday of the mid-to-late ‘90s. It was a wonderful companion on Saturday mornings when, more often than not, I’d find myself under the hood of one of my beater Volvo 240s. What’s interesting is that I wouldn’t say that I learned anything Read more

8/27/19 1:35AM

To be fair, Ron was 30 years old when he last played a down of competitive football. Andrew Luck is just a few weeks shy of his 30th. What Ron is experiencing today is absolutely a possibility for Andrew

8/26/19 3:55PM

Those fans booing gave Andrew the truth - that players like him are only meat sacks that throw footballs when they’re good and playing for your team, then they’re nobodies. If anything, they reinforced his decision. I’m happy for him.

8/26/19 12:58PM

My dad has these same symptoms. First lost his drivers license, then couldnt be left alone, now deciding where he will live the rest of his days. A vibrant hard working man reduced to quiet or rage. It’s the absolute worst thing imaginable. He didn’t play football, but as a parent, there was no way I was letting a kid Read more

8/12/19 11:37AM

“Causation in this situation would be really, really difficult to prove, especially since the NFL would argue that any hit that resulted in a catastrophic injury would likely have fucked him up in any helmet.” Read more

7/27/19 2:17AM

I remember thinking a couple years ago that it would be a good and fun addition to the NBA ASG, at least. There’s no real harm in it either.

7/24/19 5:29PM

Cora is also wrong another time here. The proper way to argue positions in the order is to wait for the other team to send up the man out of order, then call it.

7/24/19 5:04PM

Rays are right on the order. When you swap the pitcher into the field, they take over the DH spot. Bringing in a new pitcher would put him in the place of the man coming off the field. Read more

7/17/19 7:35PM

This. I am a huge lifelong baseball fan, and stopped bringing my glove to the ballpark when I was 11.....until I started bringing my young sons to the ballpark. Now I bring it every time I am with them at the park, just to make sure that I am best equipped to protect them from a hard foul. My Dad does this too when he Read more

7/12/19 10:55AM

Thanks for recognizing Bouton in all the right ways. Much of the Deadspin audience prob have no idea who he was, or at least very little, but Ball Four should be required reading for any slightly-more-than-casual fan of the game. Just be warned that it seems kinda tame by today’s standards, but as you highlighted it Read more

7/11/19 2:46PM

You make a fantastic argument. So I’m curious what would happen if some big-time Republican businessman founded a business built with the sole purpose of cleaning up the planet for a profit. I doubt that such a thing could ever exist, which as you suggest, means we’re all doomed. Read more

7/11/19 1:23PM

When you’ve been as dominant as the USWNT, then you can wear whatever you want!  Ladies, you look fabulous!

7/11/19 9:58AM

As a serious followup question to this,  I’ve truly never understood why climate science is a political issue? Who the fuck caused that problem?  Please tell me it doesn’t go all the way back to Al Gore.