Diablo Himself
4:19 PM

They can’t have women vetoing their sexy rape torture porn fantasies. Am I right? Guys?

7:42 PM

That’s awesome. My boyfriend is 27 recently— not only was he not carded but the cashier dramatically waved him along and said, “Don’t worry getting you ID out, we only card people under 32!” I think he died inside a little.

7:35 PM

Me too! Guess what, my vagina turned to dust and I aged a thousand years. Life was fun while it lasted.

8:07 PM

Truth. I remember when SSM went down some well meaning liberal said to me, “Well, there’s nothing left to fight for now!” I wish they were right.

10:08 PM

Hey, I have a question. My cousin lives in Barbados and he said that women have control during carnival over which men they dance with/whine up ect and are for the most part very respected and revered. Is this true in your experience? I’ve been to Barbados but never for carnival. Thanks. :)

5:44 PM

And it’s like, yeah but what if your car breaks down or you’re in an accident? Dead. You’ll be dead. WEAR A COAT. I don’t have kids yet but I can feel my eggs rolling their eyes in my womb.

5:43 PM

I know of one other place like that, and it’s York England. According to my friend who was raised there, people would yell at him if he was wearing a coat any time during the winter. It’s fucking mad. Wear a coat if your cold!!

1:50 PM

Thanks for explaining this. I didn’t even realize it was the same director! I wonder what will happen in a few years—will he make roles for her still? Yes! And Bradley Cooper is always her costar? I guess they found a formula that people like and they’re mining it until the tap runs dry.

1:48 PM

Right! During that whole movie, I was like “When did she get married? 16? Was she married for a year?” And then there are other flaws with her age too. Usually bipolar symptoms don’t even show until your early to mid twenties (not always true, as I know people who started manifesting around 18/19 years and I know that Read more

9:37 AM

I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices that. In a lot of her roles I’m like, “Man, she’s really young to have a few kids and/or divorced and bitter.” I’m only a year or so older than her, so I always feel like she’s way too young to play those roles. That or maybe I’m just super immature. Read more

2:21 PM

I think that’s a piece of paper in front of him. At first I thought it was a weird apron with no strings. Hideous either way.

12:30 PM

Do you think that it’s possible that Kylo was given orders to capture Finn instead of outright kill him? I only saw the movie once and I didn’t sleep last night so my memory is pretty bad. Read more