I admit to some schadenfreude over the on-line rage that some of these folks have over the Chalamet/Jenner hookup. It’s almost as delicious as the on-line rage was over Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Read more

I have no familiarity with her but this is an amazing description. Read more

Daphne Barak is a hack. Many years ago I worked for a tabloid tv show as a PA and her interviews were always very, very sketchy. Read more

I think you’re reading too much into it.  Also, I don’t expect her to speak about this person’s actions. Read more

I am just really glad that Britney’s getting therapy. Hopefully it’s helpful to her. I can’t imagine what a mindfuck it would be to have your entire family conspire to keep you incapacitated. Read more

Thank you for saying this.  Read more

I’ve been sober since 2004 and it’s been amazing for me. I loved alcohol, my favorites were beer and vodka. At the end, when I was buying tall boy Budweisers from a bodega after having been to rehab twice, it was clear I was in a huge downward spiral. I lost friends, relationships, and jobs. I almost lost my car and I Read more

That would not even qualify as acting, right? Read more

But also they had to invite noted bigot Kim Mulkey? Hopefully she’ll skip it. Read more

I can’t see geriatric Republicans lining up to vote for the non-white woman who’s not ‘in her prime’, especially after she proposed mental competency tests. Read more

Maybe these super interesting men want to date someone that seems lacking in personality so their egos don’t have to compete. Read more

Jennifer’s Body was awesome but her antics with MGK are so cringew0rthy. Read more

Several other commenters called out the whole ‘deleting pictures from Instagram / quoting Beyonce’ as juvenile and this latest faux scandal tracks with that behavior. Read more

I was referencing his solo performance - not the one that got Janet Jackson unceremoniously banned from multiple industries for misogynistic reasons by a serial sexual harasser. Read more

It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a spectacle like the previous halftime shows have been. It was better than Justin Timberlake, though. Read more

Isn’t Madonna infamously late? Maybe she takes after her mom. Read more

Proof that not all skin-folk are kin-folk, Indian-American edition. Read more

Putting ‘Crying’ on an Instagram post seems like a pretty benign response.
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