12/04/20 11:07AM

Agreed. Saturn was so much more than a division. It represented an effort to change the culture of GM. Ultimately, I think GM was too entrenched in the old ways to benefit from the existence of Saturn. Saab could have been the premium equivalent.

4/12/20 5:06AM

I love Oldsmobiles and big broughamy luxobarges, so it gets my seal of approval.

1/30/20 12:22PM

how about a CT-6? AWD. GORGEOUS (IMO), has the GM 3.6 liter which is really reliable... and back seat space for days. Plus a 2019 can be had near new for that budget.

12/08/19 12:17PM

So many great submissions. I’ll just add the P71 Police Interceptor. It has had a very long career.

6/23/19 4:49PM

A “Free Jeep” is only free to acquire. Nothing about that POS is going to be free to make it usable. And after spending money and time to make it usable, you’ll still have a rusty POS. The correct answer was “pass, thank you”. 

4/27/19 2:28PM

Best built Pontiac in the modern era, sure, but best overall?

3/06/19 9:50AM

Thank God for Michigan - couldnt imagine my GT4 with a front plate.

10/26/18 3:27PM

I’d bring back the VF Commodore. I’d give it the HSV Senator Signature styling in place of what the Chevrolet SS used, the LT1 and LT4 V8s (with stickshift options), and Chevrolet Infotainment 3.

7/12/18 1:00PM

Raise your hand if you are surprised that. David recommended a rusty car!

5/14/18 4:37PM

For all its faults, the Dodge Journey is still several orders of magnitude better than any vehicle you own, David.

3/28/18 2:13PM

Didn’t the Chevy Avalanche have something like this?

3/08/18 5:46PM

Have you ever tried to convince an old man that they’re wrong about something?