Jan 19

I would love to replace the original Blaupunkt factory system in my G8 GT but it’s not recommended replacing the unit due to the HVAC controls. 

Aug 12

Anyone really surprised by this? I’m sure there will be more “dead cars driving” as the years progress from the non-domestic automakers.

Jul 28

I’m definitely holding on to my 09 G8 GT which is almost at 11 years of ownership!

Jul 16

Must be a lot of banana peels around the hallways of the Ren Cen and Warren Tech center. I’m normally pro-GM but it’s becoming very hard to justify what they do these days based on the Bolt roll out, Camaro refresh, Cadillac engine choices, phasing out sedans, and diluting perfectly good car/truck names.

Jul 3

Dump the F150 and Rodeo since you have the Ranger and dump the Cavalier since it looks terrible (but served you well) in favor of the ugly, but intact Camry.

Jun 18

I can't say that I'm surprised you got the letter from Troy, but more so how long it took at that your landlord didn't speak up! Good luck!

Apr 12 2020

I had the old hand me down family car in high school, a 1984 Delta 88 Royale Brougham 4 door. The think was a tank and used to bump other cars with it.  Lol

Feb 18 2020

Don't forget about one the best Pontiac's made prior to its demise, the G8 GT and GXP.  I'll be holding onto my GT until I die!

Feb 7 2020

No amount of red leather inserts and body cladding will make a person feel less dead while driving an SUV! Thanks but no thanks

Jul 10 2019

Congrats on finally getting a decently functioning vehicle! Can't  wait to read about it more.

May 10 2019

It’s all of the non-Jalops fault for buying so many SUVs! I'll  keep my full sized sedan!

Nov 27 2018

Look's  like they finally made a trip to Detroit? 

Nov 6 2018

While I found the alternative car choice odd (not that I have anything against a Malibu), the article was hilarious.

Oct 30 2018

It's laughable these  had a speedometer with 90 on it!

Sep 18 2018

While Js were terrible, I gotta believe Neon is worse. I saw one the other day (first gen) and couldn’t believe my eyes it was still running.  

Jun 4 2018

I’m glad there are decent people still left in this world and that I was not the only person to think the Altima was an odd choice!

May 15 2018

Captivas (aka Saturn VUE) sold in the US were sold to fleet only, not the general public after Saturn was shut down. Captivas in other parts of the world were different vehicles sold here. In some cases, they had a longer wheel base and could fit up to 7.