Jun 11 2016

Don’t know if it’s the/a preferred replacement for someone identifying as non-binary, but the word“nibling” is a gender-neutral term for the child of one’s sibling(s).

Jun 11 2016

There is actually a gender-neutral word that refers to a sibling’s offspring, nibling. It’s like grandchild instead of grandson or granddaughter.

Jun 11 2016

I’m not non-binary gender fluid but I would just ask your relative what they would prefer. They might prefer to just be called by their chosen name. I don’t think there is currently a term that is non-gender specific that has the same meaning as niece/nephew. I really like Mx as well, it looks great & gets the point Read more

May 25 2016

As a certified man-hating feminist, I’m mostly offended that we’re depicted wearing one of those terrible half-Grecian, half-sweetheart necklines. What, has this comic been on hold since the 2008 prom season?

May 18 2016

I want to go see it, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a Trainwreck situation culminating in violence. The anger and organizing against this film from MRAs is incredible. I’m genuinely concerned about what’s going to happen opening weekend.

May 16 2016

Jesus Christ this is a condescending post. Sinead O’Conner has had 20 years of professional help. For many people mental illness is a life sentence. So your assertion that “it works” is both a lie and a slap in the face to people who aren’t going to ever permanently recover.

May 8 2016

I’ve had an oddly productive Sunday because I exercised, called the cable company and even cleaned my room for the cable guy. That is a lot for me.