desolationangel is fallen
4:45 PM

I found a morel in my incredibly Urban backyard this morning! So weird, but I guess something came of all this rain.

7:47 PM

I’m pregnant and we’ve decided on a name (due date in 6 weeks) but I got some good advice not to tell anyone the name until he’s born because it’s harder to snark or give unsolicited name comments once the child actually has the name. I’m sure neither my parent nor my in laws will be thrilled with the name we’ve Read more

9:44 PM

Take away the stuff they want. Put your food in containers that they can’t chew through, or in the fridge. Move your pets’ food and water at night. They may leave if they’ve have no reason to stay. But ultimately they have to go, even if that’s by way of lethal traps.

4:13 PM

So I’ve never used an iud but my pms really does a thing with my emotions. Like, I am the wooooorst for a week leading up to my period. I’ve been pregnant for 7 months and instead of being a stereotypical hormonal roller coaster pregnant lady, I’m totally chill. Like, I’ve cried over one thing and it was something I’d Read more

11:10 AM

We’re gonna make pancakes for brunch and then go to ikea to pick up some things for baby’s room. Then tomorrow I’m going to the local bike expo to help my friend pick out her first commuter bike!

8:29 AM

My policy is: does this person deserve death for this thing that I’m thinking of calling the cops over? Because I’m risking that if I do it. Basically I would only call the cops if I’m at risk of severe bodily harm/death.

8:02 AM

Curtains are a biggie and definitely make a home feel finished. I’m 34, and it was only just recently that I realized, if I hate this rug/table/chair that I inherited or got from Goodwill, I can buy a different one. And we own the damn house! (But it’s the same for the non-immediate house stuff too. Like, maybe Read more

11:20 AM

Husband and I are going to see Us today. I’m trying to convince him that the pregnant lady needs tacos before the movie.

4:17 PM

Any chance you could add a Foreman grill and/or slow cooker? I once had a very similar cooking situation and found those two things helped a lot.

2:12 PM

“Desolationangel” is a Kerouac reference, I started using it as a handle on another site many years ago when I thought I was a cool writerly type and I stuck with it. I added the “is fallen” one Halloween and then lazily never changed it. The avatar is just a random puppy I found on the internet because I like dogs of Read more

1:12 PM

I ordered pizza from Dominos last night, after not doing so for years. It was soggy and meh. I just reheated it in the skillet and it’s actually good now. Heh. Read more

8:54 PM

Ugh more NA beverage options in general. At least happy hour with work today was at a tiki bar with a choice(!) of six delicious mocktails.