I don’t give a shit about the employees’ lives. I’m only worried about my own well-being. 

Never. The answer is it is NEVER worth dealing with any of that nonsense. No amount of money saved on useless shit we don’t even really need is worth the headache. 

What the fuck are you on about? You sound like a moron. These people are diehard liberals and hate Trump more than anybody. You need a time out. 

Not everything is a fucking political statement or meant to ruin women’s lives. It was just some good clean fun. Calm down.

Mitch McConnellitis: An infection caused by the Senate Majority Leader’s head being stuck up Trump’s ass.” Read more

Personally, I’m against murder. But, like, if people feel like they need to do it, I guess it’s none of my business.

Why do people thinks it’s cool to kill babies at their most vulnerable?

OH. And they don’t know it yet, but my family is definitely getting this on Thanksgiving. 

There are literally hundreds of uses for milk besides just drinking the stuff or pouring it on your cereal. 

Everything about this video is amazing. Even the music is spot on.

I signed up at 8am Pacific time. Had zero issues. People just like to complain. 

Thank you for saying “pop” correctly. 

Oh! I thought you were being snarky. I take it back. I mean yes thank you for playing, but not in a snarky way, this time. :-) Read more

Nope. Quite the opposite. But thanks for playing.