Nov 19

I refuse to go to stores on Black Friday, but I’ll leisurely browse online retailers, no real urgency for me, but if I can pick up something I wanted anyways with a discount, that’s nice.

Nov 18

I remember seeing reruns as a kid, but I’m also too young. I think that it was inspirational to women in addition to being super male gazey. Women wanted to be the characters in the show. They were stylish, independent, bad ass ladies... as well as also fulfilling the sexy requirement.

Nov 18

It was kind of both:  Being able to have female spies on a show like that was empowering back in the ‘70s but they also made it super male gazey so they’d get eyeballs on the screen.

Nov 18

How about having some restrain and not breeding like fucking animals? You know you dont have to have sex if you dont have money, right? Its not too hard, have some personal responsibility. And stop being promiscuous.

Nov 18

This article isn’t going to change anything, and since every mole hill is now made into a mountain, most people are too exhausted to care.

Nov 15

I don’t drink tea, but I’ve been tempted to microwave a mug of water just to annoy tea drinkers and their electric kettles at the office.

Nov 14

LOL! The Mandalorian was great. Most of these “issues” lasted less than 24 hours. In a week they’ll be ancient history. Disney+ is a juggernaut, and this outrage won’t even be a blip a year from now.

Nov 14

I, too, had no problems. Tuesday morning. Installed the new PS4 Disney+ app, watched “The Mandalorian” before heading to work. I was actually surprised it wasn’t glitchy. Probably helped that it was early in the morning. Read more

Nov 14

Weird, I had absolutely no problems doing any of this on launch day. I waited until 6pm Pacific time but I was able to: sign up, install the Roku app, change my password, create multiple profiles, edit those profiles, find and add content to a watchlist, and watch things without any problems. I don’t have particularly Read more

Nov 13

Yes, but dammit, we COOK with it. Let’s see you make all your lovely baked goods, sauces, and mac n cheese dishes without it! Read more