Jul 21

Completely agree.  Plates aren’t the problem. Cameras are. And not even all of them.  Most speed and traffic light cameras are already adjusted for this. 

Jul 21

As you said, license plates are embossed. You are not cutting the metal. To actually perforate a metal plate in the shape of individual letters might be cost prohibitive because anything that cuts metal would eventually dull and need to be sharpened or replaced. You could use a water jet but that is more expensive and

Jul 21

Or just leave things be because current licenses plates are cheap, and there isn’t actually a problem that needs solving here. Read more

Apr 23

Well so much for Jalopnik... this used to be an objective place with interesting automotive news and stories. We get it, the entire G/O media group is on the left and hammers visitors with progressive hot takes daily, but c’mon please keep Jalopnik free of garbage takes like this. Gizmodo was lost ages ago, but now J Read more

Apr 22

99% of your takes on here are shit. This is just another one. If a guy is going to run from the cops with stolen plates then he’s going to do more to stay free. Or the cops don’t pursue people so they rob us at gun point and the cops don’t chase them for shit. Then the criminal is free to do what he wants because Read more

Apr 22

Wow, the few times I have had a moving violation I HAVE STOPPED!  It’s a weird thought Bradley, but almost everyone STOPS.

Mar 4

we’re probably 12-16 years away from the lib wetdream AOC presidential run, so until then, unfuck the senate, unfuck the house, and get someone elected who will not destroy the fucking supreme and circuit courts with goblin judges. Read more

Feb 8

I think my dad tried, but he’s impatient and get’s frustrated easily if you can’t read his mind about what you’re supposed to be doing. I think he gave up after a while. Lucky for me, I like to read and learn by watching videos so I figured out this whole wrenching thing on my own. Dare I say I’m better than he is...

Oct 15 2019

Well it didn’t take long for some New Yorker to go ‘Eh, dat’s not a pizza. You can only get real pizza at Ol’ Vinnies Pies..”

Nobody cares, you are not the gatekeeper of any food.

Sep 4 2019

I never really “got” Car Talk as a kid, much to the surprise of the adults in my life. I was a little car nut from Massachusetts, after all. And my dad loved it. But this story closes a lot of loops for me.
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