Dennis Mersereau
Sep 5 2019

Please make it stop.

Oct 13 2017

Hi! Thank you. This was a one-off post for now. The Vane is dead and buried, but I’m still around! They do take notice that folks still ask for my weather coverage all these years later, so you never know what could happen some day.

Aug 4 2016

I stopped writing on my site (for free) because other sites asked me to write for them (for money). I write for Mental Floss and Forbes these days. It’s not the fiery rants and sarcasm of my erstwhile sub-blog, but it’s still the same good weather nerdiness.

Feb 1 2016

Mika! You are awesome and I love your writing and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Jan 21 2016

I don’t see it.

Jan 5 2016

This was briefly mentioned as a possibility when I was laid off, but I knew the minute it was mentioned that the odds were minuscule.

Aug 6 2015

I cussed a few times when I first started The Vane, but quickly found out that meteorologists are huge prudes that would make Pat Robertson seem like Bette Midler, and figured it’s not worth the constant battle and private scolding/lecturing. Read more

Apr 19 2015

It’s extremely common for people to chew out (and threaten to kill) broadcast mets for interrupting Very Important Programming to warn them that tornadoes are on the ground, but breaking in for an all-clear is...questionable. Read more

Mar 1 2015

Can confirm that the NASCAR vortex theory is nonsense. A bunch of cars quickly turning left prevents rain about as effectively as flushing ice cubes (or wearing your pajamas inside-out) will herald a snowstorm.

Mar 1 2015

Boston is on its way to seeing the most snow they've ever recorded in one season, but Empire News' fake satire hoax bullshit said "entire country" and painted the "worst snowfall" from D.C. to NYC to beef up shares from gullible cityfolk. They'll probably do something similar with hurricanes now that summer is coming Read more

Mar 1 2015

We have to deal with the same shit in weather, too. That being said, The Onion dies a little more for me every time one of my Facebook friends feels the need to say "THIS IS FROM THE ONION" whenever I post an article from The Onion.

Feb 10 2015

I have never seen anyone lick a lollipop. Ever. The only time I've ever seen someone lick a lollipop was in music videos or commercials and it was not meant to be a lollipop that they were licking.

Dec 21 2014

I went to South—people throwing things at you is a sign of affection. Read more