Demon-Xanth knows how to operate a street.

As someone whom is about to purchase a $25k 2007 Econoline for many of the same reasons, I understand. This van is listed quite literally as a $9k vehicle with a $16K lift on the purchase order. Read more

When can we start calling them boatercycles? Read more

Probably bolt right into where an early Corvair trans would be. Read more

If you look at the government as a company with two marketing departments, everything they do makes sense. Read more

This happened last year to my 2006 Ram with about 100,000 miles on it. It was out for two months before the parts came in and went from Carmax to a Dodge dealer before actually getting fixed. Read more

Corvair did it....sort of...

Bill: “I bought an EV, I love my EV, these are still the downsides to EVs.” Read more

My 2006 Ram said on the Carfax 0 accidents. The silver paint on the black frame rail, control arm alignment bolts, and hood to fender gap said otherwise. Read more

Tap sockets. Look into them, seriously. Read more

The one bit of this article that makes me wonder... Read more

Dude, what the hell?! You can’t just go saying something like that without posting a link to the video.

The GT-R is like the ZL-1. It’s a uncommon variant of a not uncommon car. A Skyline GTS isn’t that special, nor is a Camaro SS. Still not quite an everyday car, but not super rare. Read more

There were four patterns.

Fun fact: one of those colors was ONLY available with that paint scheme and not by itself. Read more

Autonomous vehicles driving with other autonomous vehicles on a road designed for autonomous vehicles will be safer than human driven vehicles driving with human driven vehicles on a road designed for human driven vehicles. Read more

That is why you spray it on a wheel bearing, wait for it to evaporate, then repack and have a nice freshly packed bearing. People miss the last step. Read more

Welcome to “software as a service” getting applied to things with embedded software. Software manufacturers have already changed their business models to subscription models to cut out the resale which they get no money for. The “automatic updates” allow this to happen to anything with software. since Tesla wouldn’t Read more

So basically this, but for the exhaust?

IRL tried that in the ‘80s...

I hope it pays off. Because in the early ‘60s GM was taking risks and made cars with IRS, four wheel disc brakes, dual carbs, fuel injection, leading the way on turbo charging...then they stopped taking risks. Then we got single carb, straight axle, rear drums, and nothing else outside of the Corvette. When they did Read more