6/15/21 2:57PM

Somewhere towards the end of Sims 2, it became apparent that there was real money in releasing barebones entry titles, and selling continual packs for years before moving into the next series of barebones titles.

6/15/21 10:55AM

Successor is probably a better term. Obviously, we haven’t seen the next Sims game. But from my light understanding of the Sims community, the general feeling seems to be that Sims peaked at Sims 2. Not that Sims 3 & 4 weren’t good, but they didn’t seem to push the genre anywhere forward.

5/24/21 5:45PM

This wouldn’t be a bad idea. I think they need to remove the coins you earn from the Battle Pass so you have to repurchase it every season. That seems like a fair way to balance the economy and make the BP a better value with better items in it. 

5/14/21 3:58PM

See, that’s good, it’s clever, requires creativity, isn’t just repeating the same dead horse meme over and over again! :D

5/14/21 1:36PM

Look, I love Mass Effect. If I wasn’t (supposed to be) working right now, I’d be downloading and playing the remaster, I’d love to see ME1 with decent graphics. It is without question my favorite game series ever and I’ve replayed it god only knows how many times. Read more

4/21/21 7:41PM

I bet he could’ve gotten more in trade-in credit.

4/21/21 5:54PM

Maybe these white dudes should just be so good at what they do that they can’t be ignored, y’know?  Pull themselves up by their bootstraps and whatnot.  

4/19/21 11:11AM

I’d have tried to add something like “all characters created as part of these promotional streams will be deleted” to that reddit post if I possibly could’ve (to address the ladder headstart concerns) but maybe there’s some facet of this that I’m missing. Read more

4/01/21 11:51AM

This isn’t about translations. Someone in Japan published the Japanese dialogue of a Japanese manga on a Japanese site for other Japanese people to read for free.

3/29/21 3:10PM

My first thought was “could we please have a puzzle game that isn’t about depression or relationships or dying of cancer or some goddamn thing?” Like, sometimes I just want to figure out how to make rules do a thing without recovering from personal trauma. And let’s be real, in the years following Braid it’s become Read more

3/19/21 12:47PM

I feel like this was a waste of the names. They look nothing like their namesakes, not even a shared color scheme. What are you going to do now when you find that new species iridescent blue beetle with feathery antenna, Entomologists? Huh? Name it after Articuno? You can’t! You jumped the Sharpedo on this one in your Read more

3/16/21 11:40PM

Unless the developer is bad at their job, anytime a game involves any sort of real money transaction in exchange for game mechanics, the game has been designed to push players towards those transactions. Read more

3/09/21 3:35AM

You can make the mountain peak with only rocks.