Wednesday 7:26PM

Just think, if they had crunched, we could have gotten another Cyberpunk 2077!

Wednesday 7:21PM

I originally thought it said cosplay, was momentarily confused, and then thought it meant they added cross-character skins. Like a Reinhardt skin for Tracer or something. I was excited, and then crushed when the last half of the second of time passed and my reading was corrected. A real roller coaster of a second.

5/24/21 3:58PM

I wish companies would offer a subscription option in addition to the pay per skin option. I would pay a subscription to Path of Exile in order to have free use of its cosmetics. I have put something like a thousand hours into that game. I won’t buy any of the cosmetics, because $70 for a pair of wings just isn’t Read more

5/21/21 7:07PM

What a weirdly specific request. And yet, not specific enough. You imply both, but just to confirm, are you finding both unaesthetic or otherwise problematic, or is it just one and the plural was mostly incidental? Where does tit end and boob begin? Or if you meant breasts entirely, like...when do the skin atoms Read more

5/19/21 6:47PM

I almost feel the lockers should be removed. The moment I saw one, and that I could close it with me inside, I pretty much knew what to expect. Once stuff started up, I knew to just run to it and wait things out, which took some of the wind out of the horror sails. Amnesia taught me too well. Read more

5/19/21 6:42PM

Join the Donkey covenant to collect tufts in PvP. Build up enough and you’ll gain several aspects of the donkey, eventually mastering the full Jackass form.

5/17/21 7:29PM

I would be ecstatic. They can keep the lootboxes if it is make or break. (Maybe disable buying with real money.) Read more

5/14/21 4:11PM

You give Liara, who’s whole life’s work is digging into, studying, and organizing knowledge a space station with the means of collecting ALL of the knowledge. More modern knowledge than she likely wanted, but combined with a sudden need to use it, gives motivation. Leaving her with the motive and means to become the Read more

5/12/21 9:24PM

I had thought he was stale due to the lycan attacks. Thought he might be on his way to being one.

4/21/21 5:39PM

Any work of art wherein someone throws themselves as a ‘medoken’ should automatically gain fair use protection as a parody. I’m pretty sure that’s like ‘Newton’s √-1 Law of Motion’.

4/20/21 4:35PM

I’ve got a little over 25,000 games in the backlog. Progress was slowed with a recent crashing issue, but thankfully the bug was fixed.

4/20/21 4:33PM

I get the arguments, but not how they apply to mods. Modding is like if I give you a sticker to put on your car. This clandestine sticker hand off wasn’t done under the shadow of feeling ‘entitled’ to the product. No damage is done to the bottom line of the car manufacturer. Read more

4/20/21 4:20PM

I hope Jeff from the Overwatch Team Kaplan doesn’t feel like he needs to change his name. I imagine it will cause confusion to still introduce himself that way, but a man shouldn’t have to change his name just because the coincidence no longer exists.

4/19/21 9:17PM

What are the dangerous side effects of playing the game that make a prescription necessary? The prescription implies that this is more dangerous than over the counter drugs, right?

4/19/21 9:12PM

“Locking off sections of the game that need to be paid extra for” isn’t automatically or objectively bad. Read more