6:33 PM

My birthday is around Memorial Day. In my local community, we have a parade that day. I sometimes get a parade for my birthday. On my 3rd birthday, there was a parade and my mom hired a clown. My cousins were young enough they thought the parade was for me. I didn’t find out until years later the clown moonlighted as Read more

8:09 PM

I got a cold. My period ended and I thought I took my cup out. The next night I felt like I had a cup in. I thought that wasn’t possible but I checked anyway. I still had my cup in. 

11:48 PM

Last year on Christmas Eve, I thought I had some stomach trouble. I took some stomach meds and went to bed. The next morning on Christmas day I still didn’t feel good. My parents went to Christmas brunch without me and I stayed home. I took some more stomach meds but I still had nausea and I was not in the least bit Read more

10:38 AM

I actually didn’t become a member of my mom’s tribe until I was an adult. My dad is Seneca and his tribe is matrilineal. Since my mom is Menominee that meant my dad’s tribe was out. For years, my mom spent a lot of time trying to prove I had enough blood quantum to join her tribe. Eventually, she hired a woman who was Read more

6:23 PM

One of my earliest memories is of Christmas. I was around 2 and at a family Christmas party. My dad noticed I had a weird look on my face. He asked what was the matter and picked me up. I rested my head on his shoulder and proceeded to vomit down his back.

5:07 PM

I watched a number of zombie movies as a child. Return of the Living Dead left an impression.

7:02 PM

My worse fear as a child was to be turned into a zombie. I would still be self aware and could feel my body rotting around me. I also knew I was eating people yet I couldn’t stop. I was scared of what would happen when my body finally rotted away to nothing. What would be left of my consciousness or soul?

9:46 AM

I’m a teacher and we spend so much time talking about trauma and best practices for our students. I find it so weird that it’s taken as seriously in health. 

8:22 PM

Miles Teller is on my list. He plays douches so well. I just hated him in Divergent.

8:17 PM

Technically, he’s not a celebrity but Macaulay Culkin’s dad, Kit Culkin. That man is awful and tried to profit off of his kids. Read more

11:07 AM

I remember reading they were “concerned” he spent like $17,000 in a week or so. The man is homeless. How much is going to have to spend to help him set up a home and get stuff for it? They have no have right to judge or control how he spends his money. Also, it sounds like they were dipping into his money which makes Read more

6:23 PM

My dad is in his 70s but he’s been way better than a lot of my friends’ dads who were younger. I could talk to my dad and he would listen to my opinions and take them seriously. He does talk me up to his friends and is proud of my accomplishments. 

5:19 PM

Nixon ended Termination for my tribe and gave us our federal status back. So, he did do one good thing.