Deanmon Winchester
2/23/18 7:37PM

Man From UNCLE is one of my favorite movies and Cavill rocks it. I still can’t believe how criminally underused he’s been in DC movies.

2/23/18 7:17PM

Do not blame Cavill. He can be charming as all get out. If you want to see his charm, I highly recommend the Man from UNCLE movie that got criminally overlooked. He’s great in there.

2/23/18 7:14PM

I hardly blame Cavill for his performance. He’s acting as directed. He’s actually been vocal about wanting to not be mopey

2/15/18 1:19PM

One of my local stations got taken over by Sinclair. I can’t watch it anymore. Every time Boris Epshtyn comes on my dog goes crazy with all the dog whistling this guy does.

2/15/18 12:03PM

For anyone looking for some more background on this:

2/15/18 4:06AM

... I really don’t get this comment. The Ebon Hawk was certainly intended as an homage to the Falcon, but I genuinely don’t see how you could look at these two and go, ‘yup, same ship’:

2/14/18 4:33PM

I disagree about the prequels needing something as lived in as The Falcon present. Luke and Leia are supposed to be royalty, after all, so their mother was going to have to be a major player in that story. And there was no way the Queen of Naboo was going to fly in anything but a space Porsche.

2/11/18 6:11PM

If you travel far enough in time, every lat/long coordinate on Earth has been/will be/is underwater at least once. The O42-delta series arcologies maximize their living space by extending into multiple pockets of time; if your flat simultaneously exists at multiple times of Earth’s long prehistory/future/present, then Read more

2/08/18 5:06PM

Why can’t a dingus wear a jersey that was worn by a huge dingus?

2/05/18 10:03AM

It’s not Butler over Rowe that would make a difference, it’s Butler over Richards and Bademosi.

2/05/18 8:57AM

I can see and hear Han Solo, but I’m not sure I can smell him.

2/03/18 1:46PM

Where’s the sexual harassment by Tarantino and what exactly constitutes abuse of power? Telling an actress she should drive a car at 40 mph? If that is abuse of power which should bring him down, most directors, male and female, would be out of work.

1/30/18 3:04PM

Yes, but medical / military / legal jargon actually means shit even if us lay people don’t understand it. Consultant speak is just a bunch of made up nonsense to make the consultant sound like they have a great idea to help your business and sell you on it.