davesaddiction is lateral Gs
5:10 PM

It’s a total mess. Clicking on reply, then sorting staff/community, then it never takes you to your actual comment. Read more

4:49 PM

Back when the Z3 came out, I was dating a saleswoman at the dealership. I will say that at last the roadster is a blast to drive around. I’ve never had the opportunity to drive a Coupe, but I’d like to! Read more

4:30 PM

You may have faith in your driving abilities but do you have faith in the other dumbasses which drive on the roads throughout the country. It’s all fun and games until some moron pulls out into your lane with no blinker or warning as you close in at 50 mph over their speed. Even the mighty carbon ceramics will not Read more

3:43 PM

My only question is why people like TwoYoots haven’t all done humanity the favor of killing themselves. They don’t value their own lives, and more importantly they don’t value the lives of others. They think doing incredibly stupid shit is manly and dying while doing it is commendable. We should have a closed track in Read more

2:46 PM

Considering that the first time I went down the Corkscrew I was in a Mercedes AMG GT being driven by a factor driver, Yeah it still has an impact lol.

2:42 PM

And yet, law enforcement really doesn’t like to go to the effort of visiting said beach, so... it might as well be called underage substance abuse beach. 

2:40 PM

Wishful thinking. With the way they are going, they are going to be following Ford next since their lineup is mostly crossovers and trucks. They are too concerned with them and their ugly ass design language right now to do anything fun and exciting outside of the Corvette and Camaro.

2:16 PM

These guys were driving on PUBLIC roads. There should be no allowance for sustaining 100+mph speeds.

1:17 PM

Sure if you are doing it on a track, not a public road. Go ahead and kill yourself being a real man. No one will miss you. 

1:10 PM

LOL I waited back far enough to speed up a bit and hit both apexes for the Corkscrew. Then again, I was in 2nd and 5500 rpm, so I was going about 40-50 and making a lot of noise. Years of playing Gran Turismo made it less scary!

It’s hard to drive and film at the same time lol.

12:33 PM

Sad that people don’t realize that putting CF on TOP of existing parts does nothing more than add weight, exactly what CF was designed to not do.