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Today 5:09AM

“and if you lack the means to do so you should consider alternatives to driving” Read more

Today 2:09AM

Slathered in a sauce? Yes (presumably a thicker one though), but BBQ wouldn’t really work because it is for grilling not smoking. Read more

Today 1:46AM

I highly recommend watching The Olympics trials live. If you stream, you can use the NBC sports app and find the “Olympic channel“ that covers what’s happening, with excellent commentators so that you never feel lost as to what you are watching. Read more

Today 1:17AM

Short term band-aid... can we have more reservoirs as part of the infrastructure bill? Put some of them in “red states” to help get Republican votes. Read more

Yesterday 11:28PM

I never took a driving test. Back in my teen days, an A in driver’s ed meant you did not have to. It also meant I got my license six months early. Not that it really mattered, I had been driving without one since I was 12. Bombing down dirt roads in a pickup is a fine way to learn how to drive.

Yesterday 9:48PM

A few years back, I got a speeding ticket in Missouri*.

The fine itself was around $60. The additional “court processing fee”, however, was around $75.

It’s entirely a money-making scam.

*FYI, apparently, cop cars now come equipped with rear-facing radar guns.

Yesterday 5:52PM

That’s an article from April that I commented heavily on, this paragraph was in the Jalopnik articles from Thurs and Fri

Yesterday 3:20PM

No problem, this is not calling you out, I just remembered seeing that paragraph on all of the G/O sites and it seems like it was removed. Read more

Yesterday 3:17PM

Hello! I am not sure! I work all weekends unless I’m told otherwise, and I was not told otherwise. Whether I have to work or anyone else has to work it is still a good time to educate yourself and support Black communities, both today and every day.

Yesterday 2:37PM

Weren’t you guys supposed to be publishing some articles about Juneteenth? I seem to recall a note on articles yesterday and Thursday about it, but that note seems to have been deleted from the articles

Friday 4:32PM

I’m kind of pissed at one of the SVPs at my company, he gave his division the day off but only told them yesterday afternoon and didn’t share it with the rest of the company. Now, if they were fully siloed off, it would be NBD, but when you’re waiting on stuff from them and only find out through the grapevine that the Read more