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Yesterday 1:41AM

Lawrence also cast Philip Seymour Hoffman, the most talented actor of his generation, as secret good guy Plutarch Heavensbee. (It’s been said plenty of times, but the Hunger Games character names are truly ass.) Read more

Wednesday 5:40PM

If it were a Texas provider, operating like a Texas energy network, you’d be negotiating a $19,000 bill for the month even though you’d been without internet that whole time.

Wednesday 5:34PM

She’s really going to have to bring voter suppression to the front and center for the next 2 years in order to try to wear down the advantage that the suppression laws will give Rubio.

Wednesday 5:26PM

Because he allows a certain breed of mega-wealthy some societal inertia that allows them to continue to screw over humanity and civilization for their own temporary wealth build-up.