Oh Donnaaaaaaa! Donna Strunk!!!

Being a workaholic is not an admirable trait. CEOs who can’t delegate and who can’t balance responsibilities cannot be successful in the long-run. He clearly isn’t taking the advice of those around him, which is another example of why he’s good at starting businesses but not good at running them well.  Read more

Psst, Elon. Hire a grown-up with management experience to run things and take Twitter off your phone. It’s not this hard.
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He’s got 20 billion to his name, there’s literally no reason why he has to work another minute in his life. I’d like to see elon cash in all of his money, and then take that 20B and shove it up his urethra. Read more

Also, please note that Trump resides on floors 66-68 in a 58 story building. Read more

Like they need to drill holes to install spy equipment. He uses a personal cell, with surely no security on it. His WiFi probably has "password" as it's password. If Russia wants a listening device, they just have to ask. China could just send him a new phone as a gift. And failing all that, a membership at his Read more

Fuuuuuuuuck this guy. Seriously. Read more

This ties with the recent Rolling Stone story on Johnny Deep for “Story they thought would rehab their image but did the exact opposite.” You can put lipstick on a pig but you can’t put a good P.R. sheen on a slime ball. Read more

Yup. His cars apparently suck, and all his PR stunts have completely backfired. Not sure which of these has been worse for him, but one was completely avoidable by deleting twitter. Read more

He had to work on his BIRTHDAY?? Oh, the horror.
This is someone with infinite options to choose another way to be. Who could choose to use his money for something other than earning more of it.  Read more

Oh, boo hoo. Hopefully Musk has some $100 bills around to wipe his tears with. Read more

His emo billionaire schtick is so tired it’s pathetic at this point and no amount of fluffing from the NYTimes is going to make him a sympathetic character. Read more

Poor muskrat is so sad that his golden boy star is waning and people are finally seeing what an asshat he is. Read more

Ha! Trick question!  NOTHING is beneath Donald Trump! Read more

Yep. Of course Trump will find every possible way to line his pockets. Read more

Oh my god. They’re actually considering using what I’m assuming will be taxpayer money to purchase this thing, and the money goes directly into this asshole’s pocket. Read more

$24 million is incredibly overpriced for that apartment even by New York’s ludicrous real estate standards. Trump Tower is known for its incredibly cheap materials as it’s meant for owners to tear out and customize. It’s also an ugly 80's building, not something super modern or prewar, which are the other factors that Read more