Oh Donnaaaaaaa! Donna Strunk!!!
8/16/18 5:20PM

I always assumed her penchant for backstabbing, lying, posturing, and anything else necessary to win was what got her the job in the first place. Apparently they don’t enjoy their own tricks being used against them, who could have imagined! 

8/16/18 5:06PM

Oh they can’t figure out who denied them entry? Those officials are assigned to that duty and are paid for their time, I’d start with whomever does the scheduling/payroll. And if it were actually true that they don’t know who is working there on any given day or time, wouldn’t that itself be a massive security issue?

8/16/18 10:41AM

I don’t understand, has Johnny Depp just discovered this turd? They got divorced two years ago, has he just not been in that particular bedroom for over two years? 

8/15/18 8:54PM

Agreed. There’s also a not small chance he could drop from the stress, so you know, if he’s choosing to be all worked up all day every day, maybe he should do some yoga and deep breathing before his heart explodes. Read more

8/15/18 3:56PM

(At least) one of them is an out and proud white supremacist supporter of the confederacy so I’d say you’re on to something there. 

8/15/18 1:42PM

I tried really hard with this show and it’s just not for me. It makes me anxious and kind of bummed out in ways I can’t really articulate. I will readily admit here that the last couple of years have completely turned me off of shows or movies about family money/power corruption. I also watched but abandoned the FX Read more

8/10/18 3:58AM

Oh no, sorry to be confusing, the hundreds of millions part of my comment was referring to his quote about what he’d probably have in the bank if he had taken the BBT role. He definitely seems to be more in the 10-15 million range for net worth. I’m thinking he probably had a court ordered financial person to oversee Read more

8/10/18 1:39AM

Maybe we just have a different definition of fuck you money? To me that’s owning some property and living comfortably even in an expensive area like New York City and, barring some sort of horrific calamity, never having to work again. (Disclaimer: I’m poor as shit and the idea of not worrying about money seems like Read more

8/09/18 8:56PM

Agreed. He’s got fuck you money for dayyyys so why stress out with a torturous sitcom shooting schedule? Meanwhile, once the BBT finally wraps you can probably bet none of that cast will be jumping into more sitcom work as they too will have fuck you money for days. 

7/31/18 11:23PM

You’re right, I shouldn’t shame a young criminal entrepreneur—we live in trump’s America now, those are the attributes that spell success!