SnapUndersteer, Italian Spiderman
Oct 15

Good vid, thanks for posting, I actually really enjoyed watching it. 

Aug 7

It wouldn’t be a political post without some ignorant clown pretending both sides are the same.

Aug 7

I feel like they really missed their chance with the naming. It could’ve been “MAGA Klassic Kar Kruise” to really round it out and embrace the culture.

Aug 7

Fuck Trump and his MAGAssholes. May they find connecting rods poking through their stupid blocks.

Aug 5

Because touch screen!  Because fancy!  Because we don’t know how car interiors or driving work!  Because the laser eyeballs will do it, you don’t need to drive!  Autopilot! 

Aug 4

Thank you Gordon Murray once again, for letting the whole world know that the proper placement of the stick shift lever is to the right of the driver, not the left. Oh, and he’s a Brit, right?

Aug 4

>> “Trump is a bulldozer, a master at plowing forward without saying anything, often while pivoting from the topic at hand to whatever talking point he saw on Fox News.”<< Read more

Aug 4

I was hesitant to start such a long article while I’m still at work but once I started I couldn’t put it down. Fantastic read, I could talk to Murray all day. We’d likely have almost nothing in common, but it makes me wish all my cars were lighter and stiffer. 

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Aug 4

Transcribing a 1-hour interview is about as close to back-breaking work as this job gets. I hope you all like it.

Jul 29

Holy shit, you still scrolled all the way down to the comment section?! Right on! OK so for real, what did Honda forget to take a picture of? There has to be something.

Jul 24

You'll be in good company. I had the same response.

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