SnapUndersteer, Italian Spiderman
5/20/21 7:12AM

Ever since I found out RESPECT is a cover of Otis Redding’s, I found it funny how her most known song is, well, a cover. It’s even funnier that this biopic of hers is titled after that same cover

2/12/21 2:39PM

She was greasing the wheels, getting her to get along with Vision to some end that she’s seeking. What that end is, we don’t quite know yet, but she’s definitely manipulating Vision and Wanda

2/12/21 1:54PM

Isn’t it Rambeau who has the asset/friend who she was meeting “in an hour” towards the end of episode 6 before Vision was breaking through the end of the episode?

8/09/20 2:32PM

Oh, I very much agree. The issue is that there are WAY more people similar to your uncle than one would imagine in the USA and the numbers of them are enough to have caused the USA to be unreliable as a whole for controlling the spread of the disease

8/07/20 3:59PM

Yep, correct. Heck, even when it’s not public health, but rather public decency those people generally are OK with it too. They wear clothes to cover themselves up, wear shoes in public, etc. Read more

8/07/20 3:03PM

Pretty much yeah. It’s baffling that choosing to be a detriment to public health is more important than civil liberties, and it’s apparently fine to just be cavalier about it

8/07/20 2:57PM

I’d argue that still holding the event with the knowledge that it’s basically impossible to not have spectators is irresponsible and directly feeding the virus’ propagation