SnapUndersteer, Italian Spiderman
9:44 AM

honestly at that age, for a car with that many miles, a rebuilt title is less of a concern. I think it’s just barely NP, but depending if my bowels are full or no, I’d vote either way

1:53 PM

One time, my now-wife and I went to see him live in concert. We sat in the 2nd or 3rd row, left side and there was a girl aged 9 to 10 in the middle of the 1st row who stood the whole concert dancing and singing. She never missed a single lyric. Read more

3:20 PM

Key word is “can”. That’s heavily dependent on suspension geometry. If Mercedes are saying they cleared it with the FIA (which they did), then I have to assume their geometry can soak the toe change without changing camber or caster. That’s the beauty of the dual axis system. Here’s Jolyon Palmer talking about it

12:21 PM

The only wiggle room there is that the steering wheel is not a “powered device,” as power steering is banned in F1. The regulations on steering only get a few lines in the technical regulations, actually. Meanwhile, the section on suspension covers a page and a half. Read more