Yesterday 4:52PM

White people polled recently have already turned reverted to their pre-George Floyd opinions on the policing/racial injustice in policing. 

Yesterday 4:34PM

Intentionally driving your car at a police officer gives them the legal authority to shoot you dead, and rightly so. It’s Assault With A Deadly Weapon, officially. But to *some* politicians right here in ‘murica, such an event doesn’t even rate as a crime when the target changes from one kind of human being to another Read more

Yesterday 4:31PM

In fact, the current trend in statehouses across the country is towards harsher penalties for those who engage in free speech, rather than those using cars to try and silence it. Read more

Yesterday 3:05PM

One of the things that gets me, though, is that she keeps describing her past behavior as a desperate attempt to be funny and cool, but Stodden was referring to private DMs. No one in chrissy’s much desired general public would even see those messages. She sent private messages encouraging self harm to a young person Read more

Yesterday 2:12PM

(The real truth in all of this is how much I actually cannot take confrontation.) But if they do, I am here and I will listen to what they have to say, while apologizing through sobs.” Read more

Yesterday 11:38AM

Hot take: It has everything to do with the “divine” coronations of absolutist individualist philosophy, hatred of the lower class (even by those that are members of it or the barely middle class) and any power they attempt to wield, and up-and-to-the-right profits-at-literally-all-costs doctrinaire economics as the Read more

Yesterday 11:37AM

The miners are well within their rights to picket their shitty employer. But even if they weren’t, it’s still illegal for the trucks to run people over.  You don’t have the right to maim people because they’re in your way.

Yesterday 11:06AM

All reports from LEOs should be considered first and foremost as copaganda regardless of the topic. Nothing they say should ever be taken at face value. 

Yesterday 10:43AM

or spike strips :)

Once again, I am wondering how our country has moved so far to vilify workers looking for....checks notes...good pay and working conditions?! Who is against good pay and working conditions?! Do they hate ice cream and puppies too?!

Friday 2:24PM

He is not an engineer. Nor is he a scientist. Nor is he a manufacturing expert.

Friday 1:18PM

Totally. Everything is literally input! I have a real hard time with futurists in general but it is crazy how dismissive of the human beings that the tools are made for this stuff gets. Machines are not built in a vacuum humans that live in society build them.

Friday 8:36AM

I suppose she’s alright. Y’know, if they couldn’t get Kamilah.

Thursday 6:13PM

Yeah, I kind of went cold on her when she started using Legendary as a platform for self-important pontification.