Yesterday 5:20PM

Every barrier you described is one surmounted by time and money. That’s not a good system.

Yesterday 5:19PM

They’re not knee-jerk responses when they’re formed in consultation with experts with detailed explanations for why they came to their conclusions. The phrase you’re looking for is “responses I disagree with but don’t want to have a reasonable conversation about”.

Yesterday 3:33PM

I was vaguely interested in the electric Clarity or the PHEV, but it seems like it’s a more expensive Accord without all of the options available on the Accord. It’s like they built it to fail.

Yesterday 1:59PM

As always, the powerful have more in common with each other than the electorate.

Yesterday 12:50PM

Wait, they did away with radar for a camera only design? That seems unwise to me. Radar is much, much better at determining distance than computer vision.

Tuesday 6:55PM

We know how and why pandemics happen. Experts in the subject have been sounding the alarm for years. There’s nothing to be gained from giving a research lab the Benghazi treatment.

Tuesday 3:24PM

As far as I can tell, there’s basically two versions of the lab leak theory, and they’re both irrelevant for different reasons: Read more

Tuesday 12:24PM

Fusion was great. Other M is the one we don’t talk about.

Tuesday 9:34AM

The $80k cap is just something AOC implemented in her office because her budget is so constrained. It’s a symptom of the problem.

Monday 5:55PM

Plenty of terrible shit has a million likes on Instagram. It’s not a metric for anything.

Monday 4:33PM

This sure reads more like a “woe is me” post than an “I’m trying to do better” post, though.

Monday 4:30PM

There’s a lot about My Name is Earl that has not aged well, but that show was always about restorative justice. Earl doesn’t just apologize and call it done, which is apparently all Teigen is doing to “atone”.

Monday 3:49PM

After all the criticism of people taking their hands off the wheel while using Autopilot, Tesla just doubled down and went with a wheel that forces you to take your hands off it when you’re not using Autopilot.

Monday 2:09PM

It seems like there’s a lot of interface design here that’s working on multiple levels. Things like communicating upcoming maneuvers and whether they’ll be performed by the system or the driver do double duty: They set proper expectations for what the system is capable of, while also engaging the driver and keeping Read more

Monday 1:44PM

Because cities should be designed for people, not objects.

Friday 9:54PM

It pisses me off that there are makes out there still not including adaptive cruise control standard.

Friday 2:32PM

This is what happens when an idiot treats Roko’s Basilisk as anything more than a thought experiment.