Despite the plethora of varieties... can’t believe Sapporo Ichiban was just dissed. Read more

Commenting after the update from SNK:
Aside from the sexual harassment and Terry being out of character, wtf is going on with those hands????? Everyone got some Wreck-It-Ralph hands Read more

I played this when I was a kid on PC which came with what I assume is piracy proofing.  You had to enter the code from a physical card that a table of codes to match before you could get to the main menu.  I enjoyed the game and shouting the Word of God at them heathens though. Read more

So....it’s a figurine not an action figure. Read more

Is this compatible with the note 4 though?
Or am I left to buy a 1st gen VR for a b.s. $200? Read more

“Can I go to the elf farm?” Read more

The day after Sandy hit New York and all the subway lines were flooded, I went from my apartment in Jamaica Queens to 34th St. Herald Square Gamestop via subway to pick up my pre-order of the Assassin’s Creed Liberation Vita Bundle and I believe AC3. Luckily, the trains stopped exactly at Herald Square. My apartment Read more

I feel that as long as MS makes it more of a home or office use type of product and not go outside and look like a douche, it will prob have more success than the Glass. I wonder though if this will reduce TV sales in the long run. Read more

I still would consider it a problem with the whole airbag failure scandal that happened. There are a lot of things we do that is risk taking and I do some of them too but I’d just rather not on a vehicle traveling 50+mph. If I was using a work vehicle that is always going at slower speeds to tow like some people have Read more

When I visited Korea (south.duh), a majority of drivers had the suicide knobs. I can understand that it makes it easier to steer with one hand but I’d rather not risk the protruding object that might jam into my neck/face/head/upper torso if a collision happens. I wear my seatbelt at all times and I realize that it is Read more

Too bad the dry bags are no longer available. Read more

Too bad the dry bags are no longer available.

GUYS. SIDEBAR. That whiteboard wall is pretty cool. I want one. Read more

While the video is great, is that a face of screaming with joy to you people? Read more

would you say, that you'd become a....Foxcatcher? Read more

Any thoughts on tactical boots in rough terrain? Read more

Gotta use that inner Karate Kid! Read more

The cosplay looks good and all. Read more

I would buy that. Does it come with the soundtrack everytime I get in though? Read more