Darkest Timeline

Waiting for Trump and his flunkies to fuck this up even more.... Read more

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, unless he be an amateur.” Read more

Judging by his haircut, how much longer until he gets tricked into speaking at a Proud Boy rally or something like that? Read more

I mean Joe Flacco basically confirmed this about Ray Lewis.
Likewise, I LOVE this Patrick Mahomes speech:

not “a hero of 9/11” or “a guy who happened to be in office on 9/11” but *the* hero of 9/11. i’m actually kind of impressed that even in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from this guy she is spouting his own propaganda for him! Read more

To be fair, the American electorate prioritizes that way as well.  Read more

The really sobering thing about that graph is that our closest rival in military spending and most dangerous near peer threat, China, got a huge portion of their military budget from Americans buying iphones and cheap crap at Walmart and on Amazon.
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I’m curious how “we need a candidate who can stand up and beat Trump” squares with “oh, you can’t say anything mean about him!” Trump will also be calling Biden “Sleepy Joe” or “Forgetful Joe” or whatever, the only difference is that Trump won’t be clever enough or remember enough to catch when Biden immediately Read more

If we don’t keep highlighting his unfitness he will cakewalk into the nomination and be destroyed by Trump in the general election. Read more

Moderator: Mr. President, we’ll start with you, what can you tell us about your health care plans? Read more

I can’t imagine a worse matchup for the country and our future, but a Biden-Trump-Who-Has-The-Smoother-Brain debate would be fun in a watching a car crash and explode sort of way. Read more

Voters whose votes are determined solely by social conservatism are going to vote for the Republican over the Democrat in Senate and House races ten times out of ten. There is no point trying to win those voters over. Most voters, though, aren’t like that. There is no requirement that elections in red states have to Read more

jon ossoff lost by more than someone who, as far as anyone can tell, literally did not exist. Read more

For fucks sake, given the choice between a conservative Democrat and a republican, the conservative voter will go with the Republican every. single. time. The problem is not that Dems need conservative/Republican voters— it is the fact that these conservative Dems don’t bring out the vote of liberal independents and Read more

Nobody cool uses phones, they’ve all moved on to embedded implants. Read more

I’m going with option 3: Stick with your current phone.  Read more

MF said “Nautious.” Like he didn’t even give it a good shot. Typed out a word that look like a Transformer that turns into a sailboat. Read more

“There were these hearings in the ‘30s where they brought rich people in front of Congress and just kind of trashed them.”