Darkest Timeline

I don't understand why we keep parading on TV these dingbats. Let me be irrelevant. Read more

I’m a Cowboys fan from DC. It's an exciting time. Dallas is going to the Superbowl. First game was evidence of that. Read more

3,000 Americans died on 9/11, which is definitely a tragedy. But how many more people died as a result of Americas endless wars. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, list goes on. Read more

Truly the land of the free.  Read more

Especially. Considering. He's. Bitching. About. Bad. Grammar.  Read more

I am sorry, but as much good as Obamacare did it was far to inadequate. It created situations where people who don’t quite qualify for a decent enough subsidy are buying overpriced underwhelming insurance of the exchanges. Also penalizing people for not having insurance is just fucking cruel, especially if they can’t Read more

Donald Trump has been able to resurrect the political careers of many war criminals or just generally shitty people (Bolton, Abrahms, to name a few). Who is the lucky next one? Henry Kissinger? Condalisa Rice? Read more

Forgot to add to my list Henry Kissinger.  Read more

“ I get that it’s just a different way of life, and a different foundation/culture/history, but in this day and age you’d think more Iranians would tell the members of the “moral police” to go fuck themselves.” Read more

Oliver North? Elliot Abraham's? Dick Cheney? George Bush? Read more

On the plus side, we can all enjoy a Popeyes Chicken sandwich as we accelerate towards our inevitable dystopia. Read more

What is this America hating publication? I don’t care if ten million birds have to die for us to remember nine erection. We shall never forget. 9-11 Read more

About acting with your clothes off? You cool with that. Asking for a friend.  Read more

The Raiders are like the Arsenal of American football minus the glorious past.  Read more