There was an old saying about the Braves and their pitching staff whenever the playoffs rolled around in the 90's. Read more

Clayton Kershaw in his post game interview: “Uh, does anyone want to ask me about my thoughts on Hong Kong?” Read more

Dodgers Leave NLDS Game 5 After Taking Metaphorical Fastball To The Face Read more

What was your first giveway? That her entourage included these guys?

I’m breaking kayfabe here, but I legitimately was scouring basketball-reference.com for Simmons game logs so I could make an elaborate joke about the media caring more about shooting in China than in Chicago and I realized that Ben Simmons hasn’t made a 3-pointer in an NBA regular season game. Ever.

Allow me to put Read more

So you’re just assuming the Pats are going to win the East again? Seems a bit presumptuous given the murderer’s row of opponents they ...*checks schedule* Read more

I fucking live for pre- or post-game handshake drama. Harbaugh vs. Schwartz is the all-time great, then, uhh...was there a Belichick vs. Mangini one, or am I imagining that? Anyway, this is the most invested I’ve been in the NFL in years. Read more

Speed definitely, cocaine probably, but those are rich people drugs and so they don’t count as drugs. Read more

What about my diploma? Yeah, it does sort of resemble something you could buy off the internet. Read more

I know the liberal PC police SJWswill attack me here, but I personally won’t vote for a candidate who refuses to do something about California bordering Mexico. That shit is just unacceptable. Make Ohio do it. Read more

No one ever thinks about poor Yao Ming. Read more

“It’s about a multitude of people Read more

I think Bosa’s attitude had less to do with old college grudges than with the well known fact he just hates the browns.  Read more

“If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut the fuck up!” said Stephen A Smith, shortly before the universe collapsed into an irony-singularity  Read more

A photo of a calculator with 80085 in the window. Read more

Now that Gruden is out and was the only one preventing Haskins from starting, I think it’s a good time to warn him about his upcoming future; 

He’ll be there long after Gruden. He just has to wait this year out then he can have a career ending injury next year as the starter. Read more