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He’s got a ton of highlights but that might be the single coolest submission ever. 

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Oh there’s like 50 of those in the comments here. Which I guess ignores that 1) they were down at that point and would have only been 4th and 9 and Newton had been getting his ass kicked all day at that point 2) He dove for the ball immediately following the dumb gif because 3) his leg was at a supremely awkward angle

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Vázquez then told police that he and the victim had “sex but not really,” per the court record.

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I recently was at an event where the opperator of a race track was talking. He was very hard on Santa Anita and very proud that the track he worked for/with hadn’t had a fatality in x number of years.

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I swear to god, that run seemed to take FOREVER. I’m not entirely sure it isn’t still happening. 

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Gladwell has made an absolute killing by writing “Maybe just trust your gut” to boomers who just wanted confirmation bias that everything they think is right anyway.

Also, you don’t need a PhD to understand child rape/molestation. Paterno was a force and an institution at Penn State. He didn’t do that by being a kindly

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I remember when they went to the Super Bowl it was the year that Kelvin Benjamin was injured and I was like, “Oh man, when Benjamin’s back, it’s gonna be awesome.” Then I had to determine if Benjamin would never return to form or was just never that good. But yeah, he was supposed to be their WR1.....

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Cam Newton is selfish can be described in on play, 4th and goal on the one yard line:
Selfish Cam - takes the snap, dives over the pile, scores.
“Good football” Cam - Hands it off to Christian Mccaffrey, who runs 20 yards to the left, before being tackled for a one yard loss (also acceptable, Cam drops back for a pass

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Cam Newton is playing injured and probably has been playing injured for the last 3 or so years. He continued to play, because the Panther’s only other option at that point was...*check notes*...A literal robot who was programmed to throw turnovers and make racial slurs. He didn’t play because he was selfish, he played

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God, I’m sorry. I just re-read the article and it turns out a lack of commitment to the game was NOT, in fact, Vazquez’s real problem. Apparently, it was pedophilia. We’ll work hard to avoid mistakes like this in the future.

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Additionally, Vazquez allegedly sent the victim text messages suggesting they would meet for sex after his baseball season was over.

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The worst part was the 15 yard penalty Brees got for roughing the pass rush.