Lord Coders the Forever Grey

24 hour “news” channels are a pox on our country. There is no reason for them to exist. Read more

Between that and their hatred of UVA we might not even get an article if it’s a Spartans v Cavaliers final. Read more

They buried me in the Pet Semetary. Read more

Maybe you and WhytWu1f can team up and send super extra thoughts and prayers? I know my mother would appreciate it.  Read more

If the final is UVA vs MSU does Deadspin just close up shop? Read more

I never really thought about this before so I gave it a shot. I’m sad to report that my imagination no longer works because try as I might, the scenarios you present were so beyond reality that I had a stroke trying to visualize them and I am now dead. Please send flowers to my family.  Read more

Over a few trips I have spent close to two months in your country. I was always sort of amazed that greatness the natural beauty was generally matched by the people I encountered as that just hasn’t happened anywhere else I have traveled. I held NZ as a properly special place because of that. I know the feeling can’t Read more

I’m so happy I stumbled on this post while doing my insomniac comment scroll. I never knew him as anything but the crazy guy from Dr. Strangelove but now after spending a couple hours reading about his life the man was truly interesting. Thanks for sending me down that rabbit hole.  Read more

I’m glad to be timely! But on balance I think I still owe you like 40 more hours of good times. Thanks again! Read more

Thank you for the links. I saw the Der Spiegel pieces but my German is conversational at best and the Google translated version is less than fun to read. Never would have thought to look to the NYT for football news. Read more

I know this tread is months old now but I felt compelled to comment. I hadn’t played this game since I was a kid on SNES but always remembered it fondly. For some reason I recently got that old school FF bug and downloaded a SNES FFIII emu and started my first play through in what seems like a thousand years. It took Read more

For what it’s worth, this back and forth between you and LAF1Fans is a better discussion of the economic realities of F1 than I have read here in a very long time. I tend to agree with you though that Mclaren puts too high a price tag on it’s brand for what it has become, a backmarker.  Read more

I think this is an important point for the Democratic party as a whole. It is a huge tent that encompasses myriad ideologies. Republicans never seem to grasp that while, yes, our many factions all oppose you, they aren’t one homogeneous community. I know nuance isn’t really the right’s thing but I’m so tired of Read more


I would pay endless amounts of money I don’t have for this movie.  Read more

Born and raised in Michigan. Fan of this dumpster fire of a franchise for 34 years. I wish you could have come to my 8th birthday party, slapped me across the face and repeated these words over and over again to free me from the curse of Lions fandom, decades of sports depression, and writing dumb run on sentences Read more

“There’s also zero good reason we should have any dealings with Saudi Arabia. We don’t really need their oil or their money.” Read more