Pilot of the Clown Shoe
Nov 13 2017

Just to be clear, we agree, but fyi you can’t order guns to your house.

Oct 5 2017

Geffenephrine - a hormone secreted by the ego glands, especially in conditions of stress, increasing rates of self-aggrandizement, feelings of superiority, and carbohydrate metabolism and preparing muscles for patting one’s self on the back. 

Sep 13 2017

Germain, the word you’re looking for (regarding price per brick) is ‘commensurate’ not ‘commiserate’. Read more

Aug 28 2017

Nothing says “limited government” like giving tanks and grenade launchers to the police.

Jul 31 2017

I don’t screw the unemployed... ;) GOD, THIS IS FABULOUS!

Jul 28 2017

You’re the one who brought up Peruvian marching powder.

Jul 10 2017

Exactly how is what he said racist...? He talks about failed states and poor transitions, combined with a socio-economic issue based on large-family size and easily inferred from said family-size, need. Takes a lot of Euro to feed 7-8 kids, vs 1-2. It isn’t racist at all. Large-family size is a pretty common Read more

Jul 2 2017

I assume he just realized he didn’t like baseball anymore and decided to leave.

Jun 29 2017

Deep in the Amazon basin there are people who have lived for centuries, maybe millennia with almost no contact with the outside world. They have been born, lived, raised their children and died for generations without seeing anything beyond their forest home. Because of their remote location and the difficulty of Read more