6/16/21 3:10PM

I can’t speak for Soul, but part of the point of Brave was that Merida starts to care for her mother and begins to understand her actions. Her mother also does the same thing but with Merida. All of this only coming to be because of the Mother turning into a Bear. It is basically the plot and what sends the theme into Read more

6/12/21 8:24AM

Pauline Kael was just wrong about a staggering number of films. It’s largely the fact that she was largely writing in the 1960s and 1970s that stops her being widely derided, frankly, because her great writing is remembered, but her frequent incomprehension often forgotten. I was given a book of her criticism (because Read more

6/11/21 9:05PM

Any Which Way But Loose is a minor monkey masterpiece and I might die on that hill.  It beats any Reagan film that featured a monkey.

6/11/21 9:04PM

Perhaps, but the fact almost everything about Eric Rudolph is omitted makes me pause.  They never remotely bring up why he planted the bomb or his motivations.  I feel its worth at least discussing that once.  I can't make heads or tails of Clints politics but the movie just rubs me the wrong way.

6/11/21 6:39PM

The Richard Jewell story had a remarkable ending, in that his lawyer is the great Lin Woods, one of Trump’s crazies that was ordered to undergo a psychiatric exam a few weeks ago in order to be admitted to the Georgia bar. That really should have been an epilogue to those movies. 

6/11/21 4:23PM

I think this is closer to the correct take. American Sniper is mainly just not good—although, it might be Bradley Cooper’s best performance. Read more

6/11/21 12:54PM

Late Eastwood movies only seem to be popular or talked about when they’re very bad. Whenever he makes something genuinely interesting or good, it gets largely ignored. American Sniper is embarassingly terrible and it was a huge hit. I’ll never understand it.

6/09/21 9:14AM

I think John Carpenter got it right. He understood that Stephen King is basically a misanthropic version of Spielberg, with the same obsession with coming-of-age fables filtered through a far more jaundiced view of the adult world. Read more

6/09/21 12:18AM

You’re free to consider sources from outside what’s explicitly stated in the film as canon, but others aren’t obligated to do so. So, yes, based on what is said/shown onscreen, it’s indeed possible to interpret Marion as having been 18, i.e., literally not a child, at the time of the incident in question.

6/04/21 9:52AM

Chappie is so fun. It’s a mess of a movie with a lot of problems but there are so many fun bits mainly thanks to Chappie himself. His innocence is so touching, it’s a great performance. 

6/04/21 8:49AM

I have no idea, but I’m equally mystified. I’d be the first to agree that it’s not an amazing movie or something but it’s a fun and silly little piece and frankly better than some better-regarded stuff.

6/04/21 12:06AM

I never understood the hate for Chappie; it was just a fun little sci-fi romp with a cutesie robot being forced into dire circumstances. What were people expecting, exactly?

6/03/21 10:37PM

I love Chappie. I make no apologies for it. I don’t even care for Die Antwoord, but I still dug the hell oiut of the movie.

6/03/21 12:18PM

I just fucking hate seeing talent people waste their time and energies on these projects. Yes, yes, Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther and all that. But those movies are still ultimately product, and the director will always be subservient to the demands of brand synergy and franchisability and the committee of Read more

6/03/21 9:53AM

People wanna shit on Millar for this, but the comic was quick. The world was established and up-ended in 2 issues. Things happen briskly (ignoring publishing delays). The show turned it all into a drawn out slog.

5/29/21 9:16AM

Epic Comics, started by Jim Shooter, was around from the early 80s to the mid-90s.  Dreadstar, Coyote, Elfquest, and the American imprint of Akira were some of the titles.