Wednesday 4:02PM

All in all, Luca is very good. It’s just missing a certain cohesiveness that would’ve made it great. Read more

Wednesday 4:00PM

...the point of Brave was that Merida starts to care for her mother and begins to understand her actions. Her mother also does the same thing but with Merida. All of this only coming to be because of the Mother turning into a Bear. Read more

Wednesday 3:58PM

Brave in particular seemed like it was gonna be a cool story of Merida finding her place but an outsized chunk of the story gets devoted to her mom and brothers turning into bears and all the madcap hijinx of trying to hide them. Read more

Monday 10:15AM

Everyone involved wanted gore but also wanted to pack an emotional punch and not just use violence blindly. Read more

Sunday 3:40PM

I loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The sequel was disappointing despite some fun ideas and abilities. And their Tomb Raider sequel had the best tombs of the new trilogy, even if the story was prone to heavyosity. Read more

Sunday 3:24PM

Understood and agree that Ellis shouldn’t be coming back considering the circumstances. I’m just not expecting Netflix to go hire another comparable writer because they’ve already got their audience established. Read more

6/12/21 2:10PM

The sad thing is, she’s still an extremely good writer, and arguably a good critic, but only when she “gets it”, and surprisingly often, she just doesn’t “get it”. Reading her wikipedia entry I see this is actually not an uncommon criticism of her, apparently I’m not alone in thinking this. Read more

6/12/21 2:22AM

He also made Absolute Power, which randomly I watched for the first time this week. (Boredom+Tubi) Read more

6/11/21 9:35PM

There is a non-zero chance that they’ll be able to match the quality, but I’m not holding my breath. Ellis made this series way better than it had any right to be; they could have shit out some paint-by-numbers story and still turned a profit. Read more

6/11/21 9:31PM

I assume the whole point of rebooting this as a separate show and not just a new season was to get rid of Warren Ellis. Read more

6/11/21 5:46PM

Richard Jewell had a lot of good acting but that stuff with Kathy Scruggs was really sleazy. Also I couldn’t help but notice the whole narrative of innocent man framed by media and FBI and the actual crazy right wing bomber isn’t really discussed. I’m not dumb Clint I know what your doing. Read more

6/11/21 5:34PM

On a purely dramatic level, Clint Eastwood’s Chris Kyle is a perfectly compelling character. But given that American Sniper is a depiction that celebrates Kyle as a war hero and shows us his funeral, the movie fully snipes itself in the foot by lionizing a shitty guy. Read more

6/11/21 2:02PM

Late Eastwood movies only seem to be popular or talked about when they’re very bad. Whenever he makes something genuinely interesting or good, it gets largely ignored. American Sniper is embarassingly terrible and it was a huge hit. I’ll never understand it. Read more

6/11/21 12:02PM

Dirty Harry is definitely a reactionary movie, although you could easily point to Magnum Force to say Dirty Harry the character is not. Read more

6/11/21 11:54AM

I still remember that scene in 15:17 where Pam from the Office said I trust god more then math. What a mess of a film. Read more

6/11/21 11:50AM

One of my favourite critics, who has a big Eastwood soft spot, suggested that Eastwood added a touch of subversion\cynicism to the film... Read more

6/11/21 2:47AM

Should we get the arguing about whether American Sniper is right-wing propaganda out of the way now, or wait for next week? Read more