Crocket Bernet
Apr 20 2015

shittiest part about it is the amount of time/effort/money invested in it will be 1/16th of what insurance will pay out. Hell that hood alone was easily $700 on its own. Read more

and 1 more
Apr 9 2015

pretty solid rigs with a few issues IIRC, and this is going back a few years. Head can crack between the valves, and the head gaskets are slightly weak. Some electrical gremlins but nothing that will keep you from going. Rust, and make sure you service the rear end regularly Read more

Apr 9 2015

Now THIS is a $3000 80s car. The only cooler 80s restore I've seen lately was the Citation X-11 that sold for like $1800 (oh, the shame of it all not being there with cash) at auction.

Nov 25 2014

You took this post, processed it, and this was your reaction? What an unintelligent man.

Nov 3 2014

Rest of Oppo:


Oct 30 2014

If he comments, it's your duty to sign up a burner and fucking BLAST him. Post the results.

Oct 29 2014

No it's not. It is named after Sergio Pininfarina.