crashedpc /sarcasm
Jan 15 2018

I preferred Stalin when we were being compared to fascists. Those people usually waxed on and on. And on. Read more

Jan 15 2018

How dare you, sir or madam? As an asshole on the internet, I deserve to force others to hear my opinion on all matters related to nerd culture. You can’t make me not tell you why The Avengers should cross over with Star Trek!

Jan 15 2018

I was fantastic. It still is, sometimes, but the lack of moderation doesn’t help. Remember #thecornfield?

Jan 8 2018

Looking back, you can see that Annalee and Charlie Jane’s predictions have basically come to pass, as science fiction, fantasy, superhero, and horror tropes have come to dominate our everyday discourse in ways that were unimaginable back just ten years ago. It seems like barely a week goes by that you don’t hear Elon Read more

Dec 9 2017

What ever happened to Media Molecule’s new project “Dreams”? I feel like I haven’t seen new info about that game in almost 3 years. I’m more excited for that than anything else.

Sep 27 2017

Holy smokes, the image of David dropping a bunch of Xenomorphs on Pandora is about the only thing that could get me even remotely interested in either of those franchises at this point.

Jul 28 2017

They should never be forgiven for the stadium. They moved out of the richest city in the world to build a fucking oven in the Great America parking lot with Manila levels of traffic. Read more