crashedpc /sarcasm
Feb 2 2018

It definitely was filmed partially on-site. When we went last October during Halloween weekend, we weren’t allowed to take photos of the inside of the house since Lionsgate apparently put out an NDA on the whole property until the release of the film.

Jan 22 2018

I already have enough problems with my roommate’s needy cat, but I want the rent money.

Jan 16 2018

Maybe I’ll bring some Nikka Coffey Grain and some more Kavalan that I’ve been saving for a rainy month...

Jan 16 2018

They came into being fully formed and already ranting, and shall go to their graves railing against the despots that dare to delete their spewed bile

Jan 15 2018

I remember the comments section being such an inviting, open, and playfully banteriffic forum that it was a blast of refreshing geekdom in the face of what was already wearying internet toxicity.
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Jan 25 2017

I almost set the kitchen on fire last night so clearly I am not ready for adulthood. Back to hot pockets it is!

Jan 24 2017

I am going to compensate for the mental damage done by that article by adulting and cooking my own dinner tonight. (check yo emails jesus) (not literally jesus he uses snapchat)