Nov 13 2019

This is where the tried and true “One of the Good Ones” trope comes into play. If you ever encounter a true Tom Robinson, who utterly defies your racial stereotypes, don’t fear, let alone question and potentially reevaluate your beliefs. Instead employ “One of the Good Ones”, and exempt that particular individual from Read more

Nov 1 2019

Not going to lie. It would be a funny joke if you forgot who said it....

Nov 1 2019

Every man has two deaths, when he is buried in the ground and the last time someone says his name. In some ways men can be immortal. - Ernest Hemingway

Oct 28 2019

A good part, although not all, of the vitriol toward Xhaka, was the fact that he was having a nice little stroll off the pitch when being substituted instead of running off. Would it have made a difference, no, but geez, make the effort at least. Read more

Oct 28 2019

Arsenal fans, probably because they are unfamiliar with managerial change, have yet to fully turn on the manager, and instead have made Xhaka—a damn good player whom Emery does no favors with the team’s playing style and line-up decisions—the focus of their ire. The players, however, are less blind and reportedly are Read more

Oct 25 2019

This President should be at a WS game in Philadelphia, and they should announce when he arrives that they are no longer selling beer in his honor. 

Oct 25 2019

I don’t disagree with that, but the Astros didn’t even have to AGREE with her. Just not call her a lying bitch in a press release. They couldn’t even clear that tiny hurdle. 

Oct 25 2019

There’s no one in the organization - hell, probably in any sports organization - that can admit that a man was wrong and a woman was right. These guys are steeped in toxic masculinity, and it messes with their heads.

Oct 25 2019

MLB instructed the home team to wear alternate jerseys so the president is the only obvious white national in the stadium.

Oct 24 2019

But I’m a firm believer that through sports, independent of governments, you bring people together, they acknowledge that commonality they create empathy.

Oct 21 2019

Can you direct me to where the line forms to punch this walking penis in the face.

Oct 14 2019

A good time to remember that Colin Kaepernick gave up his job and all the considerable perks that come with it to stand up against injustice, while LeBron James, whose legacy and bank account are both more secure, is unwilling to risk even a small fraction of future earnings to speak on one of the few world issues Read more

Oct 8 2019

The golden age of shitting the bed at every conceivable turn? What a time to be alive, Tottenham supporters!