Nov 12

I have the strong suspicion that the moderates calling for “unity” are really just picturing straight white people. It’s not a call for Mexican immigrants to embrace the people calling them criminals and rapists so much as it is a call for white people not to let disagreements over the basic humanity of Mexican Read more

Nov 12

The thing is, the problem isn’t about letting go of political points of contention, the problem is when people present things like racism, misogyny, and bigotry as political issues instead of ones of basic human decency. If the divide were just over political issues, even loaded ones, like medicare for all, that would Read more

Nov 2

If he doesn’t want to go, let all the civilians leave then build a wall around the White House and turn it into the fanciest Federal Penitentiary in the country. We can build a new modern Presidential estate on the grounds where the current Trump hotel in DC is when we seize all his assets to pay for the wall.

Oct 22

Totally off topic here but i tested positive Friday for covid after being symptomatic for a week but getting negative test results. Ive never felt worse in my life. Its likely i contracted it from my husband, though he hasnt been ill and tested negative after covid hit his office and 3 people contracted the virus. Read more

Oct 12

As opposed to Jennifer Anniston being his biological mother?  Probably a safe bet.

Sep 30

People identify as radical progressives and socialist and then act SHOCKED that the one elected official in the entire country of 350 million people who has to appeal to every single American to win doesn’t “excite them.” Read more

Sep 30

This whole thing reminds me of abusive relationships, where a bystander decides that both parties are at fault.

Sep 30

Here’s the thing: Biden has been in a lot of debates before this one, including recent ones in the Democratic primaries, and his debates never devolved into a “shit show”. Trump has been in far fewer debates and almost all of them were nuts. So what’s the common denominator here? Let’s put our thinking caps on for a Read more

Sep 29

This is spot on.

And what infuriates me most is that the bar is so low for Trump that there really is no bar. Trump literally just has to make it through the debate without literally melting into a blabbering, cursing pile of bubbling hair and vomit and it will be declared he delivered a “presidential” performance, Read more

Sep 23

Pro-lifers believe that late term abortions are a woman going through most of her pregnancy and then deciding, “You know what? I don’t want this baby after all.” Or, they get mad at the father and decide to have an abortion to spite him (I have actually argued with people who have said that. Men, of course.) To them, Read more

Sep 21

Apparently, modern Republicans feel that liberals should be forced to carry all fetuses to term in order to ensure that there is a healthy supply of child sex slaves for Democrats to use in their secret plot to overthrow the Trump dynasty.

Sep 21

Becoming a mother has made me MORE pro-choice. (Mothers of toddlers can I get a high five?) That is a joke, but in all seriousness parenting is hard enough when you desperately want your child. I can’t imagine having to birth and care for a child you don’t want. It’s cruel to all involved. 

Sep 21

This is the same with all abortions. Sure, there are women who do it for selfish reasons, but the majority of women who get abortions do it because they have to. And abortions are painful. Nobody in their right volunteers for that kind for pain. Read more

Sep 21

and in the middle of all the emotions that the thought of a late-term abortion stirs up, I keep asking...what’s wrong with making contraceptives MORE available to make the prospect of ALL abortions less likely?

Sep 21

Seriously, I get so angry with people who are like “It does not matter if a womans life is in danger!” Like WTF, her husband may disagree with you. The kids she may or may not already have will disagree with you. Women’s lives have so little value placed on them. It makes me sick.

Sep 18

While “competent” isn’t glowing praise, it might as well be...” No its b.s. praise by someone who cant bring themselves to write an entire article on Biden without snark even when he performs well. Especially when their only critique seems to be, “he wont use the exact words I want him to use because he is wisely Read more